The petition seems to have stalled. Are there any ideas of how we can boost the numbers?

I have been circulating it to family, friends, my Endo!, media, local community and neighbours. I'm about to write to my MP and I was thinking of targeting celebraties eg with thyroid issues but I'm not sure of the best way of doing this.

Any ideas including perusing media avenues and other social media sites?

Let's get signing!

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I do several times a month in many different places, if only all members in the UK on here would sign and pass it on to say five people we would have our 100,000 signatures to make a difference very quickly. MaryF

I know it is frustrating. I like many others have spent thousands on meds even though my endo agrees I need them. Without them I was practically bedridden with symptoms that where difficult to endure. I had no idea there was an alternative for many years and I believe there are thousands of people like me who could also benefit with an alternative option. Mx

I often get petitions from Change.org for all sorts of requests to sign. Perhaps you could apply with them.

Hi Heloise

This idea comes up a lot.

This petition is a UK Government e-petition, specifically targeting the DoH. As such, it has to be hosted on the .gov website.

There would be no point in hosting the petition on any other site as any signatures gained on those sites would not count. :(

Thanks for posting though! :) xx

It seems strange that the number of signatures is just now 5547. The same amount that was when I signed it a few weeks ago. Is it possible that there is some kind of an error, Louise?

5,575 now - so seems to be working! :) xx

I do t really understand either. I passed it round family etc and if we have over 18 thousand followers then why have they not signed. .we are all on here because nhs has let us down somewhere in our thyroid treatment

I don't get it either. No-one is going to take us seriously with so few signatures. Where are all these people with unresolved thyroid issues? I am sat typing this fully clothed in a sleeping bag feeling completely wiped today.....

I'm the same absolutely frozen today ..I just don't understand ...my daughter put it on Facebook as well ..she said loads signed it ..so what's going on? Your right no one will take us seriously

Hi, to be honest I didn't even know that there was a petition, so will sign it now... But have you tried Facebook??

Where have you been lol?

Probably in bed lol ;)


Thanks for signing. Yes, a number of people have been trying to raise the profile on facebook, twitter etc. I guess the more it's shared the greater the signatures (fingers crossed). I also think that people have no idea how bad thyroid disease (inc. me for many years even though I was ill and on thyroxine) can be therefore do not see the need for change.

Yes I totally agree with you. I have had thyroid for around 7/8 years and have been on 50mg. It's only this year that I have been suffering from the bad side effects and have realized just how bad thyroid is. Otherwise was unaware of all the symptoms that were related to thyroid. Doctors aren't really helpful as all the info that I have learnt has been from this forum and Facebook. More needs to be done to make people aware of this terrible disease.

Hi all..There is another 'Petition' website called '38 Degrees' I dont know if they will be any use??? I have signed and shared this petition on FB many times. I agree it needs an extra push!!

And...What about making it available at the Throid Conference at The Motorcycle Museum in October??? We are going and I bet many there wont have signed it???

No use read Louise comments

I agree and I'm sure someone will raise the e petition at the conference.

We can have a laptop with the petition up on it for people to sign at the conference (good plan! :) ) - it's a bit tricky though as you have to go to your own email account to confirm your sig!



38 degrees is no good I'm afraid - see comment above about change.org... xx

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