Just wanted to say thanks Louise for keeping this in our concsciousness. I actually recalled filling in the proforma several weeks ago, but in the fug that is my memory these days couldn't recall whether I had clicked on the verification e-mail. Seeing your repeated reminders prompted me to check this out. It is really easy to verify, by submitting your e-mail address, whether you did already follow the process through to completion or not.

I discovered that I hadn't followed through (.....so one step closer) and it also prompted me to send the link to all of my contacts. I can't believe that we would struggle to muster 100,000 signatures if we all get onto this.


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  • MacG, I've added the link to the petition to your post.

  • Thanks Clutter!

  • i could not agree more. I email it out twice a week, and also on Facebook and other forums asking people not to just say 'signed' it needs people power, otherwise there will be no change, establishment will not do it for us! MaryFx

  • ....and thanks Mary F!

  • Thanks! :) xxxx

  • Wow, you literally just caught me sending it onto two more people!

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