Petition Boost Please

Hi all,

If the French petition can be boosted from 70k to 225k signatures just two weeks, which is phenomenal, can we in UK match or even better that?

Help us to get the message out, to sign the ITT petition.

ITT need to get 100k UK signatures to get this petition to parliament.

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  • Gave out two more posters yesterday and wish I had put one in each of the 10 letters I wrote to various bods at the top.

  • Bump.

    And re the French petition, that's brilliant. Thankfully the revolutionary spirit lives on..Up the French thyroidies!! ✊

    Signed our petition a few months ago, and donated a couple of times to promote it (will do again when I can). I'm not on Twitter at present, but those that are could maybe do a *pinned* tweet, with the petition link.

  • Good thinking. Will forward that idea on Thanks nomemorytonight

  • Do you think it would help if we all went out and got physical signatures. Standing in the street with clip boards?

  • I believe having a hard copy petition to link to the online one is in hand will let you know, will chase it up too.

  • How on Earth did they get 225k signatures in such a short time? What did they do that we are not doing???????????????????????????????????

  • Wish we knew! But you know what the French are like, one out all out attitude! They stick together.... And communicate too perhaps? Got to ask the question what else can we do?

    How do we reach all the people who have no idea what is going on? Spoke to four neighbours in last 24 hours, asking them to post the ITT poster in staff rooms at work and such. Amazing how many know family members and friends with thyroid conditions. And not so surprising that none know anything about T3 or the current consultation etc.

  • are you saying Brits aren't chatty enough hence the word isn't spreading? Maybe we should ask Gregoose?

    greygoose : how is it possible that French petition reached so many signatures in such a short time? We are wondering what we are doing wrong? Do you have any inside knowledge, please?

  • Facebook, Twitter, word of mouth, I don't know. Since I retired I hardly talk to anyone, and didn't know many hypos when I did. But, maybe it's just the French temperament. Like I said, they love a good revolution, and will take to the streets at the drop of a hat! Plus, I should imagine, in the big towns, there are people everywhere with clipboards, asking passers-by to sign. I saw a lot of that when I lived in Paris. But, also, doctors might be spreading the word - they're pretty revolutionary-minded, too, some of them. And if people have issues with their medication, they would be in the front line.

  • Oh send some over here please!! greygoose

  • Doesn't travel well. :( It loses something in translation.

  • Well, it explains it all:

    the French: viva la revolution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and to the barricades...

    the British: keep drinking tea and carry on...

    I have an idea: let's contact the manufacturers of the most popular tea brands and convincve them to pu ITT and TUK adverts on their tea packaging ;) Earl and Lady Grey support ITT campaign!

    I hope I didn't offend anyone: my black humour helps me survive.

  • Ummm... I must be missing something there, because I'm not offended. lol

    Actually, that's quite a good idea. Wonder if they'd go for it? Must be some product that has a family member who has thyroid problems. Anyone willing to do the canvassing?

  • What do you think Kitti1 ?

  • Don't ask you don't harm in trying....will start researching.... Watch out Yorkshire Tea...and PG...Tetleys...Here we come!!

  • I tried posting this to my Instagram but the copied link had too many characters and it wouldn't except it you have to put it at the top in your bio or it won't transform into being a clickable link

    I heard there was a way to make the link shorter but I don't know how to do it. I have signed the petition even though I am in US. I got a friend of mine who Who is not a member here but lives in Ireland to sign it I know that's not an H ass but it's closer to where you're at then I am. Anyway I also posted it to my Twitter account and my Facebook account I do have some friends in UK

  • All signatures help show support and asking people to share on too as who know who know who....LOL!

  • Right! ☺️ exactly! Best of luck I wish I could help more. I feel very strongly about the use of T3. I have my own struggles over here but won't go into it now. It is an out rage that they are trying to take it away from you all. 💙🦋

  • And it is a worldwide problem. We have to globally support each other. All the best.

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