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need for folate testing?


before I moved to a different part of the country my annual blood tests always included B12 / ferritin and folate. ( have Hashimotos with a former auto immune gastritis reading ). the new surgery only did B12 and serum folate - B12 was 715 ( range 211 -911 )and folate high at over 24 ( range 3.0 -17.0 ). Im just wanting to be armed with the right argument to request that ferritin is also included -would appreciate your ideas as they have already refused to retest auto immune gastritis ( anti gastric parietal antibodies ) as they say once you have it thats it ( which is actually rubbish as I had a negative reading last year! )and wont test the anti intrinsic factor anymore as say B12 is enough .....


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Hi Alchemilla, thanks for posting. I'm sorry you've had no replies.


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