What is going wrong why do I feel so bad

Just had bloods done and are as follows:- TSH 0.19mU/L (0.35-4.7) (Warning) Free T4 7.2 pmol/L (7.8-21) Warning and T3 3.9 pmol/L (3.8-6.00). My Endo had reduced me down from T4 from 100mcgs to 50mcgs and upped the T3 from 20mcgs to 30mcgs. These have been my symtoms for some time now:- extreme lethargy and depression, frequent urination, weight gain, dizziness, shaky hands, air hunger, nautious. I am beginning to think that I do not support the T3 well at all. Having been on Levo for 20 years and now battled so hard for the T3. I am feeling worse than ever and getting very low about it. I know that I do not get enough sleep due to my home circumstances, my sons work the late shift at Mcdonalds and so I worry until they get in, so I am sleeping around 2.00 to 3.00am every day and up my 8.30 as I wake up. Adrenals have not been checked. I take all the necessary vits and supplements. Have arranged an appointment with the GP tomorrow and asked to take in a urine sample. Any feed back advise would be well appreciated. Thank you. Marmaris.

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  • Sorry cannot remember how long you have been on the T3....often when the adrenals are out of synch there can be problems. I have read that T3 should help the adrenals regulate themselves ( rwt3.org ) - but it does take time.

    Sorry I cannot be more helpful - hope you soon feel better....

  • Hi Marz I self medicated first back in November 2013 and then with Endo from January 2014 with NHS T3 feel it is weaker than cynomel Mexican that I self medicated with. I have always suspected Adrenals and these have only been checked years ago with synthathen test. Will ask doctor tomorrow about it.

  • Marmaris, can you clarify, did the endo reduce T4 100mcg to 50mcg when 10mcg T3 was added? I think your low FT4 and low FT3 indicate undermedication. Don't worry about the low TSH, it is well known that T3 lowers TSH.

  • Hi Clutter yes I feel that I am undermedicated a lot. Also on HRT really felt when she reduced the T4 down to 50mcgs you see they panic. I was always supressed on T4 100mcgs and upto 150mcgs. Yes she reduced the T4 from 100mcgs down to 50mcgs and upped the T3 from 20mcgs to 30mcgs. Feel crap to say the least.......

  • Were you feeling better before on 100 mcg T4 and 20 mcg T3 because right now you are low on both fT4 and fT3.

  • Marmaris, try and persuade your GP to increase your T4 to 75mcg. If GP's reluctant to interfere with endo's treatment perhaps the GP could put in a call to the endo to approve it.

  • Hi Clutter seeing my doctor today and I will mention this, and if she can arrange another appointment with my Endo. Also what my Endo makes of these results.

  • I had somthing similar as yourself when my endo added t3 my whole system crashed never felt so bad. I was taking 75/100 eltroxin when my endo added 20 t3 and 75 eltroxin. Couldn't sleep awful tremors anxiety exaustion couldn't eat my doc had to take me off the t3 after four weeks as I could barley walk. I was put back on 125 eltroxin but that was way too much for me and it caused frequent urination I was dropped to 100 for 7 weeks but was still overactive I'm on 75 for the past 3 weeks and the frequent urination is easing greatly. Anxiety is going tremors are also easing but am getting very tired. I thought that t3 was going to be the answer for me but my endo said some can't take it. I believe he overmedicated me I should have been tried on the t3 slowly and maybe reduced to 50 eltroxin. Hopefully when you get your medication right things will ease. I'm so sorry you're feeling so bad but hopefully your doctor can help you try make him ring the endo don't suffer for months like I did.

  • I had the sane problems when I tried adding t3 - had so hoped it would be the answer but the horrible symptoms ( exactly sane as you describe ) meant I had to hive up after a week. Left it a whole and tried again , splitting two tiny 5 mcg doses but still same side effects.

    I'm waiting to see endo to see what else I can try. I guess we all have to keep trying until we find what suits us , we ate all different !

  • Sorry for typo s - no specs !!

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