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With bloods like these why am I so wiped out

I am so wiped out, yet my bloods are supposed to be good. I also suffer from so much pain all over my body. The pain resembles lactic acid pain. Here are my latest results, please tell me what you think.

T4 19.6 pmol

TSH 0.20 mu/l

T3 4.8 pmol

I will be speaking to my doctor who seems to only be leave in tramadol and try to get me on anti depressants, I am not depressed, frustrated fed up yes. I have tried getting t3 but doc and hospital said no

Thanks for your comments

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It would be helpful to see the reference ranges for your tests.

Have you had your vitamins and minerals tested? Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, folate, ferritin and iron? If any of them are low in range or below the range they will make you feel dreadful.

Also, have you tested your cortisol levels with a 4-part saliva test?


Hmm, where I live, that FT3 would only be mid range. Could this be the issue?


Colesterol bloods came back high 5.1, just been reading up to find out that thyroid cause this. Not sure about iron and vit D test, not sure what they are called on test sheet. Liver function seems to be fine.


Your cholesterol is not high. If you do a google search for "average cholesterol levels uk", various numbers come up but they are usually higher than 5.

A quote from the above page :

"In the UK, the average total cholesterol level is 5.7mmol/l. "

If it worries you, please read this book - you won't regret it :

The author has a blog which is well worth reading too (and its free) :

Referring to your question about how tests would show on your results ...

Iron may not have been done - it rarely is, but ferritin commonly is. Do you have a ferritin result?

Vitamin D may look something like this : "Serum 25-HO vit D3 level"

Do you have reference ranges for the thyroid results?


Shon, don't believe the hype, 5.1 is normal, not high.


Others have already said it.

You need to know whether you're deficient in:

Vit B12 (deficiency causes symptoms very similar to hypothyroidism)

Ferritin (iron is needed to carry T3 to your cells - doesn't matter how good your thyroid levels appear if it can't get into your cells

Vitamin D (needed for metabolism)


I would suggest your ferritin is low and thus you cannot convert levothyroxine which then leads to a toxic pain state

Yes seems to me you need T3 and a Ferritin result


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