Question re glucose in urine?

As part of my initial new gp apt nurse did dip test and asked if I was diabetic as glucose in sample. Asked go back next morning for fasting bloods and to produce another sample. Different nurse - didn't have time to dip, said would do later as too many patients waiting. Anyway I phoned later and receptionist said "no abnormalities" sample sent off with the bloods. QUESTION. Is It possible to have glucose present at 4pm but absent 9am following day?? Or did she bother dipping?

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  • This may help to answer your question. Or maybe not. You'll find out next week if there's a problem. They should do your HgbA1c which tells you what your glucose levels were like in the previous 90 or so days. Even fasting glucose is not an accurate way to determine if someone is diabetic. A glucose tolerance test is also done. If you ingest a given dose of glucose on an empty stomach, then your blood sugar is measured over a 3 to 5 hours period of time (depends on what's ordered). If the blood glucose remains high after 2 hours, then there's a problem.

    Untreated diabetes causes fatigue, brain fog, irritability, thirst, frequent urination etc.

  • Hi Unless urine contains preservative has to be done in an hour.Have you had blood tests for diabetes? They are more reliable anyway. I should post haste.You need to be sure. For normal people 12 hours water only before blood test.Diabetes is autoimmune, hormonal


  • I have bad bloods done with results tomorrow and was fasting. Urine sent off too. So Jackie do you mean dip test needs done within an hour?

  • Hi Yes, dip test and Lab test if no preservative in phial.


  • Interesting as goodness knows how old samples get before labs getnto them!

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