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Others please join me....


RE: WELLBUTRIN -wellbutrin does work! it will however cause weight gain...less than other antidepressants.

It also makes hot flashes go away.

ALTERNATIVES FOR THOSE WHO ASKED- I stopped Wellbutrin and under holistic care did the following:

All menopausal women become LOW in these nutrients

VItD- 100 iu gel caps only

Selenium Solution by Allergy Research group 1/4 tsp

Liquid COQ10- Protocol 1 tsp

Beta Carotene -1 10,000 tablet Solgar

Nordic Naturals ProOmega

I thought vitamin therapy was nonsense. 3 months later I looked and felt great!

For loss of sleep - EXCEPTIONAL natural tonic-1/2 hr you will NOD OUT

Triple Complex Sleep Tonic - Nativ Remedies - FDA approved - took FULL .50ml - will be out cold

I feel for all of you.

GOOD NEWS - IT does pass!!!

any questions don't hesitate!!!


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Hi margo, I have been going through menopause for about 6 years, although only been period free for 3 years.then 2 years ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism for which I take 75 mcg levothyroxine daily. My issue through all of this is hot flashes for which I have tried everything , except hrt, which I do not want. Just of late my hot flashes and sweating episodes are so frequent that I don't even have chance to recover from the last one before another is upon me. It really is getting me down because this is 24/7 and I am sooo tired and am losing my confidence and just don't know what to do..please can you give me some advice or at least light at the end of the tunnel.x


I didn't go HRT route. It does usually subside within 2 yrs...I went to wellbutrin for the depression and the flashes. Currently off since no more depression or flashes

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I would try a natural product like Armour (natural thyroid from desiccated pig) its advantage is it has t1, and t2 as well as t3 and t4. This worked for me. I hope it will for you. I had to see a naturopath that had a medical license to get it prescribed. Write soon as to your journey. I also was depressed (side effect) of bad treatment option (levothyroxine). I am in USA and don't know the doctors in UK but surely someone here can help you....I truly hope you get this product because it was a game changer for me after 4 yrs of suffering with similar poor results on levothyroxine.


Humbug. My symptoms went on for 7 years with no sign of improvement. So I went on biohrt and now I'm fine. Some people are lucky enough to feel Ok in a year or so, and some never have really bad symptoms at all. We are all individual.

I tried all the usual things (vitamins, herbs, meditation, magnets etc) and none of them really helped much.


I too did not want to go the biohrt route.

Another proven option of relief is wellbutrin (antidepressant)

Because I wasn't on thyroid at the time, I did gain weight.

My friends used it for 6 months and it stopped the hot flashes. They are now off of it and with little or NO symptoms. I am so very sorry to hear of your suffering. Hope you find what works for you and you feel comfortable. Best, Margo


Why did you not want biohrt? It's no different from taking thyroid meds. I'd have done it sooner if I'd known about it and been able to afford it. I can understand not wanting regular HRT (animal cruelty/cancer/heart disease), but what's wrong with replacing your natural hormones at a natural level? (Apart from the cost). A lot safer than an anti-D that can cause seizures, surely? And I can't see an anti-D helping with vaginal atrophy and the resulting urinary incontinence, for example.

But we are all different.


Dear Angel: My personal reasons for not taking it is there is breast cancer in family. I believe like armour (which I do take) there is alot of controversary even with HRT's. My family history doesn't give me that option....About anti depressants...they don't cause seizures in 99.9% of patients. Those with seizure history can't take them. I have a friend who is bipolar and on massive amounts and never had a seizure...Like you said, we are all different! Glad you recommended bioHRT as a possibility. Most people hear are interested in a variety of opinions and they will opt what is best for them...Thanks for sharing. Greatly appreciated. PS- My personal experience with Wellbutrin was increased libido and I can't comment on urinary incontinence because nobody I know on them has this issue. I know its a menopause issue that many just use mini pads if bad. Do you suffer from this? If so, what do you do? Others would be grateful.....Margo


I can't be on HRT. Cancer in family history. Yes, it must work for others. I am not candidate. Won't talk against something I don't know first hand.


I have breast cancer (and had it for 2 years before getting biohrt) - biohrt is protective against breast cancer (unlike regular hrt). Nothing has got worse in 5 years, In fact I might not have it any more, but I can't be bothered to find out. Nuture (epigenetics) seems more important that nature (genetics).


Are you a doctor? Should I listen to you or my doctor who says with 3rd stage breast cancer I should not take a chance....Plse understand each person is different. I always direct people on this site to follow medical supervision. I am glad it had no ill effects for your body. Also there are many people who take it who have no relief of flashes. no guarantees. My friend is 84, did biohrt and didn't help the poor woman. She will have to try other venues and hope one works on HER BODY.


I'm not a doctor but my private doctor is (obviously). It's always the individual's decision. I decided a short functional life (and I wasn't functioning with no hormones) was better than a long existence. That's also why I opted out of NHS cancer treatment. But your experience is probably not the same as mine and I only have DCIS.


Again, my symptoms were not vaginal atrophy or urinary incontinence. I was depressed and had hot flashes. I agree with you that it is an option for certain people. Glad it worked for you


Lucky you. I had all those and everything else you can think of! I would probably have killed myself if I hadn't got my hormones fixed.



I know I have asked this question before, but due to many symptons of menopause plus underactive thyroid - hnece ................memory loss!! I have forgotton the answer! Anyway, can you advice which biohrt to take?? ans where do I purchase it from?

Best Wishes,



I've seen this site recommended several times before, although I've never used it personally.

If you have a good look around the site they have a lot of information for customers, that might (or might not) be helpful.


See a reputable doctor. Do not ask people here. Your levels have to be adjusted to your body. People can tell you brands that worked for them but a pharmacologist has to make it to your body needs


I went to the Marion Gluck clinic in London. They do individual prescriptions but it's really expensive.


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