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Stomach acid zone /digestion

Have tried this only before evening meals so far and think it is helping. Its from Dr Kenynon who has treated me for CFS (very successfully) and leaky gut for the last 2 years now have high thyroid antibodies and low thyroid but this was part of a paper on tips for digestion if you want the paper send me a message but here's the recipe

1 tsp cider vinegar (I got organic as only 10p more and think it's worth it)

1 tsp lemon juice

1/2 tsp grated ginger (I did a bit and put in very small container in fridge)

Put all in 1/2 cup warm water and drink 5_10 minutes before eating

Best wishes x

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I have read that this ACV is best as it has 'mother' in it.

ACV has also been advised for low acid which most with hypo have so we have to source whichever we can.

As the symptoms of low acid are so similar to high acid doctors usually prescribe the opposite of what we need, i.e. antacids.

I myself also use Betaine with Pepsin tablets when taking a meal with protein and they work well too. You can also carry some in your handbag to take when eating out.

Thanks for your recipe too.


Thanks for that, also good to use a straw to protect teeth.

Please can you tell me what has helped your CFS? My daughter is struggling with this, so would be interested to hear what has worked for you. Thanks.

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Hi, I have added Debsoxford to the message and she/he will respond re CFS.

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For my CFS I take 1 measure twice daily of D-ribsob(it's a powder that apparently is the closest that mimics energy for the muscles, not medical description) twice daily krill oil because I was growing yeast in my stomach due to leaky gut (which I think is common in CFS) Imm-kine again twice daily it used to be immiflex but my Crystal said no when I checked it and he changed it I used to take Bimuno but he changed that to spleen liquescence and a pro biotic. Dr Kenyon is expensive to see but I went in desperation as my GP was useless and didn't recognize any of my symptoms although they were consistent with CFS. The above is a lot of differently aimed support meds and after he has assessed me on his wizzy machine (you wear headsets and it scans down your body, you stay fully clothed it measures your insides) he then may change meds also does a finger prick to look at your blood sample, you can see it all on the screen, I don't think there's a one size fits all answer for CFS I would recommend a visit to him,

Sorry for such a long reply!

Best wishes x


Thanks Debs for the detailed reply, I will look into all those supplements. Is there one thing that you feel has made a noticeable difference? For my daughter it has been Paleo diet and iron supplements (she has low ferritin), but she's still got a little way to go. Thanks again.


No probes yes I like Paleo food I think the D _ribose powder helps but it does say use more than 2 scoops which i don't somebody said often manufactures will put use more. I've just read an interesting book (I don't think I'm allowed to say it on here?) All about our gut microbes I've always been a fan of good home cooking and do things like boiling bones for the base of soups again paleo best wishes


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