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More from NHS England: Advice for GP Practices!


Does your GP practice do this? We should all be offered access to our online medical record in this way! Can't attach the first page of this but this page gives an idea of what should be happening. Good links at the bottom of the page.


Apologies for poor quality image not transferring well. Follow the link above for detail

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Yes! You sign up for the online. And then go into manager your account. And tick the right one. It can also show you results from any test. But it will only show you the medical records from when you asked to see them. Not anything else.

DJR1 in reply to Haze1975

No GP decides on limitations of access, most give all results consultations summary for many years. Particularly useful for us thyroid patients as we can access graphs of trends. Don't be fobbed off . Access to letters for me was limited to date of application


Does this apply in Scotland?

DJR1 in reply to Hidden

No I am sorry you come under NHS Scotland who will have their own arrangements.

In Wales our online access is restricted to making appointments and ordering repeat prescriptions... Sadly, access to our medical records is not available... 😡

Yes this cause was championed by Jeremy Hunt MP who is only the Health Secretary for England. The devolved countries should petition their Health Secretaries to see if they would adopt the policy created by England. My sister lives in Scotland and does not pay prescription charges and hospital car parking is free so I suppose those in charge spend the money in different ways.

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