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Winchester Doc - latest report

Hee Hee - I thought I would make it look like front page news!

Well as promised here is the promised update. I had a phone consultation with him this morning, and had sent him an email yesterday detailing all the changes etc since I last saw him in May. He was pleased about the rise in both T3 and T4, but a bit dismayed about the TSH of 0.01. He suggested I "pulse" the meds to keep my thyroid working i.e. take less for a couple of weeks and see what happens, and then take more if need be - anyone familiar with this? He was concerned about my hand eczema and is sending a homeopathic remedy, and something else which I will detail later when it arrives. He said I need to detox and to find a way to sweat alot (I haven't told my husband this....!) He also said to up my Starflower intake to 4000 per day.

He also thinks our forum is an excellent source of info and support, and all in all it was a very positive chat. Comments most welcome as always XX

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Sheenah, Glad it was a positive consult. I haven't heard about the 'pulse' method. Are you going to try it?

I guess a sauna would make you sweat a lot. Is sweating part of the detox or is there another reason?


I gathered it was part of the detox - don't fancy it much - I am not keen on being that hot anyway! Somebody mentioned something from Holland and Barret a few posts ago which they thought was a good detox but I have lost it xx


Hi would you be able to tell me the name of the chap you saw, I am seeing someone in Winchester this week and would be very interested on your feedback if it happens to be the same chap, I appreciate we are not allowed to mention names on here is there a way you can message me privately ?

Many thanks


Hi Sheenah, I haven't been on here for a while so am just catching up. I was interested to see your post regarding your appointment with Dr O. Have you tried the pulse method yet? I am due to speak with him next Monday with a view to going on NDT, so seem to be a step behind you. He mentioned taking a urine FT3 test first. I will update after our discussion. Take care.


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