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O.M.G. So depressed

I made the mistake of looking at some " old " photo's , not too old two and a half years maybe. What a shock , who is that looking at me in the mirror? Sunken eyes , ratty thin hair, wrinkles on my wrinkles. How do I get myself back and is it possible?

At least I was approaching ' over the hill ' when diagnosed , I feel so sorry for some of you who have had it for years.

The worst of it is , still feeling CRAP!

I am pinning my hopes on Ferretin Folate Etc and hoping they show something.

Sorry to be such a misery :·)

Also can you tell me how you can prove its the fillers in Levothyroxine that causes problems,as I have never felt well since being on them and Endo's thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread!


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Moan away - it's always best to get things down onto paper and out of your thoughts.

Well, your Endo may think levo is the 'next best thing to sliced bread' so it's obvious he has not had a nice, new, home baked bread straight from the oven. He hasn't either had an experience of being hypothyroid! I bet you, if he did and wasn't doing well on levo, there would be a different prescription in the pipeline.

It would seem to me you have been neglected. We do depend on our medical profession to come to our aid but the Master Gland - The Thyroid - which has to have optimum medication to function has become the Cinderella. It's either 'take it or leave it' re levothyroxine. Either way if we are not doing well and still having clinical symptoms, we are told 'your in normal range'. If we stop, we are in danger of doing more damage to our body as a result.

I think that the generic levothyroxine may be inferior for some people. Eltroxin for me was the best and I think there are other members who have the same point of view. The only way you can try to figure it out is to keep to the same make of levo for a while, then change to another and so on although I do know there was a bigger selection previously.

First when you get your ferritin etc. post them for comments and get them to optimum. Then you will have to ask for the introduction of 10mcg of T3 for a reduced 50mcg of T4 (that's if your dose of T4 is high enough) on a trial basis and hopefully you will respond. It's baby steps at first and then you will be angry when you feel much better that you have been allowed to continue in poor health for ages and that the help didn't come from whom it should have done in the first place.



Thanks Shaws. I will do this !

Best Wishes


Hi Pinkpeony

I know how you feel. In the past year I too have suddenly aged faster than normal seems like 5 yrs in 1 yr my face looks aged and my body is not my own. I feel like my head was put on a monsters body I feel like crap but not on meds at this time. I kindof jumped into menopause and went on hormones and my gyne after 3 months seeing not much change decided to take a look at my thyroid although labs were norm. Well and low and behold I had nodules all over it and 1 pesky bad guy 1.5 cm. Over 8 months working on getting it removed so with that, the menopause, sleep issues and adrenal problems I am a total mess wearing pj's and hoodies to cover my body but sadly cannot cover my face :( ! I do not recognize me anymore an am so depressed. I just want me back! I just wanted you to know you are not alone and i hope things gradually get better and with the proper meds and lifestyle you will be able to reverse some of the damage this evil has done to your body mind and spirit..same goes for me :) X


P.S. Try borage oil in GLA form. it can be purchased in cap and/or liquid form for your skin. I take it 2,000mg to 4,000mg per day I use the oil and take capsules: 2 caps a day plus a capful of the oil on my face and neck before bed it may help slow down the agi and after several months even reverse some of it. I also take active collagen the marine type and collagen plus both have silica in them which is also good for skin and just read a type of skullcap tincture is great for aging skin too . I am not sure of the type of skullcap but will look it up and let you know as there a are 2 or 3 types and it is a certain one so when I find will let you know so for now take care :) X


Thanks for this. Sound interesting.

Hugs to you


Thank you for your good wishes Menothyro. I have to say the menopause was a breeze compared to this!

I had RAI for nodules on the thyroid, and I would caution anyone considering this treatment to give it a great deal of thought! I hope you soon get sorted out , and get back to your old self (can you even remember what that was like)lol :·)

Best Wishes


P.S.S.S. lo. PP will call you :). I wanted to try BBL on my face and I was told by a reputable cosmetic clinic, Dr run..NO because I would be wasting my money and would not get the results I wanted and WHY? My damn thyroid is why...maddening! I am so pissed right now this was today :(


Hi again M T

All I put on my face is moisturiser during the day and pure aloe Vera gel at night.

I must say you sound like you have been hit by a double whammy and you have all my sympathy.

I hope your problems get sorted in September. Why do you have to wait so long?

You seem to have an interest in herbal products, is that so?

Hugs to you :·)




In one word NO do not remember me but I have a few other suggestions for u but I lost them in my brainfog haha gotta laugh sometimes or would be weepy and angry the rest and u r welcome. I am here for support and vice versa. I get it I really do it is a horrible misfortune to age hormonally and unnatural I say because it comes on like wildfire with a vengeance. I hope I get sorted out soon tooooo my Endo wanted to do RAI I said NO :) X


P.S.I see a ENT Sept 10th for consult to remove nodule via endoscope so I pray no meds after pray for me too thx and stay in touch. Also Bio-oil is ok too for the skin although prefer the others I mentioned due to additives in the bio-oil .I find it helps with the red blotchiness I have on my face moreso cheeks now too ...grrr CHEERS!


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