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Is anyone else using myfitnesspal want to be friends?


39 year old Hashimoto's sufferer (diagnosed 32 years ago) desperately trying to lose weight. Veggie, recently gluten free, looking for myfitnesspal buddies to keep me motivated.

Is anyone else using this app? I've been using it on and off for a while, but since finding out a few days ago how bad gluten is for Hashimoto's sufferers I've been using it religiously. Wanna be friends? I have a few friends on there and they're losing weight at a rate of knots whilst consuming much more food and doing far less exercise than I do and it's kinda depressing! I'd love to have some thyroid friends on there so that we can keep each other's spirits up whilst we fight harder than non sufferers seem to. Anyone in? You can search my username in the Find Members bit. I'm nefragermain.

Hope to see some of you there! :)

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Hi, the only 'myfitnesspal' I can find is a calorie counter thing, is this what you mean?

I never count calories, if I did I would 'break the bank' each day as I consume THOUSANDS of calories a day in fat, fat and more fat LOL :D

this is what I found, is this 'it'?


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That's it. :)



Top 5 tips for successful fat loss (remember weight and fat are NOT the same thing).

1. You're not going to like this first one, but you are going to have to quit being veggie. I'm imagining you get most of your protein from soy, yes…? Soy contains an antinutrient which actively PREVENTS the thyroid from functioning properly (and, depending how long you've been veggie, may even have CAUSED your Hashimoto's in the first place as it mimics thyroxine, making the thyroid THINK it's produced enough, so it ramps down production. Http://www.chriskresser.com. He's an expert on sorting out thyroid issues holistically. I STRONGLY urge you to read an excellent article called 'Why You Should Think Twice About A Vegetarian Or Vegan Diet'. Humans aren't designed to obtain nutrition from plants so, if you're avoiding animal products because you believe the NHS BS that they'll kill you, that's simply UNTRUE. Meat, offal, high-fat dairy, eggs and saturated animal fats are the most nutrient-dense foods on Earth. The diet the NHS calls healthy is woefully nutrient-poor. I also would like you to sign up for his newsletters and read his free eBook on thyroid health. In it he explains WHY a non-meat diet plays hell with your thyroid. You should also read his book 'Your Personal Paleo Plan', which aids in beating disease through a healthy low-carb/high-fat diet tailored to YOUR symptoms. Includes: - CVD, thyroid disorders, obesity, diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer's, all forms of IBD - even cancer (he's not saying diet CURES cancer, but he IS saying eating the right diet will slash your risk of developing cancers dramatically. Remember, Hippocrates said "Disease begins in the gut", if you don't eat right, you get sick, and I've a hunch that you being veggie MAY have caused your Hashimoto's).

2. STOP EXERCISING! Or at least stop thinking that a 1hr spin or aerobics class 3 times a week is gonna get ya into a size 8, cos it WON'T! Want to know how much impact exercise has on fat loss…? Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nowt. Nil. Diddly-squat. It's ALL DIET. Get your diet right and you'll lose weight. It's called 'eating to your genetic blueprint' or, to put it another way 'eat to your genes to fit your jeans' (borrowed that from Mark Sisson, author of 'The Primal Blueprint'. You should read his blog: - marksdailyapple.com - he explains all about chronic cardio there.

There's another reason eating a LFHC diet is a Bad Thing. You'll get gallstones (if you've not got them already). This is why I'm Permanently Pissed at the NHS. It'll tell you that eating TOO MUCH fat causes gallstones. This is BS. The function of the gallbladder is to produce bile to correctly process, digest and metabolise fats. So if that's its job, then how can doing its job cause it to malfunction…? Do you drive? What happens to the petrol in your car's tank if you don't drive it for a while…? Goes sludgy, right…? Bile is your body's petrol, and the gallbladder your tank (at least it OUGHT to be but, as the NHS seems to be run by a Mr. Mackey collective ("Saturated fat is BAD, m'kay…?") everyone believes the body should run on sugar (glucose). No WONDER the nation's obese! Keep the bile moving and it can't solidify, can it…?

3. Calories in/calories out is BS. If it WASN'T, then WHY is the UK the fattest its ever been since the inception of the NHS…? And that's despite eating <10% of its calories from sat fat. It's not HOW MUCH you eat that matters, it's WHAT you eat and, if the majority of your calories are coming from carbs (which, as you're a veggie, yours are) you'll a) get fat and b) find it nigh-on-impossible to LOSE fat. If you're attempting to lose weight then, roughly, the ratio should be 75% fats (primarily saturated animal fats), 15% ANIMAL protein, <5% carbs (and, if you MUST eat carbs, then no grains, nor starches and very little fruit (it's PURE SUGAR!)). I know that, as a veggie, you'll balk at that, but it's the truth - HUMANS ARE ONNIVORES; WE ARE DESIGNED TO ASSIMILATE MOST NUTRIENTS FROM ANIMAL FOODS. Want to know the 3 most nutrient-dense foods on Earth…? Eggs, Liver and Lard. See WHY I've a prob with the NHS…?!

4. Http://www.dietdoctor.com/FAQ. Http://www.dietdoctor.com/LCHF. Read his success stories. Read the FAQ in its entirety. LEARN WHY a LFHC diet doesn't work. Follow his approach. You'll feel like shite for a while, but that's just your body detoxing from its carb addiction. I lost 23 stone 10 years ago (and that was after the NHS LFHC diet caused me to GAIN 6!). I'm now 7 stone and a 4/6. This me is now 'locked in' because LCHF Palaeo is NOT a diet, it's a Permanent Lifestyle Change.

5. Read Mark Sisson's blog entries on chronic cardio, intermittent fasting, fasted moderate cardio and his Primal Fitness eBook. Primal Fitness works, not for weight loss, because NO exercise can do that (all those mags boasting 'fat-busting boosters'…? BS). Look at Mark. How OLD do you think he is…? Then look at a recent pic of Dr. (oh wait I don't think he's allowed to call himself that anymore) John McDougall (there's a recent pic on his website). Guess his age too. Who do you reckon to be the older…?

You really ARE what you eat, and the NHS appears to want everyone to be fat and sick.

If you don't want to quit being veggie, then there's not much I can do to help, because that's the crux of the whole thing: - your reliance on soy as a protein source (and don't tell me it's got more protein than steak, that's all well and good but we can only assimilate about 10% of that) is hampering your efforts (what's your T4 dose by the way…? I'm expecting it to be pretty high. Do you supplement with iodine and selenium, if required…?)). You really WILL have to stop being veggie, that's all there is to it.

Chris Kresser has more info on soy and Hashimoto's on his website. Please read it.

Andreas Eenfeldt (The Diet Doctor) has PLENTY of suggestions for successful weight/fat loss. Read his success stories. There's also an interesting experiment one guy did attempting to overeat on a LCHF diet. He gained just 2kg in 6 months (I think - I don't have the article in front of me. I'm sending this from my iPod so I can't go look either). That was eating roughly 6,000kcal a day of high-fat - but low-carb - foods.

Contrast this to Morgan Spurlock's experiment in 'Supersize Me'. He gained 24kg, but that's because he was eating HFHC. EATIN FAT DOESN'T MAKE YOU FAT; LFHC and HCHF MAKE YOU FAT.

Hope this helps. Good Luck. If you do it MY way, you'll lose it fast. Promise. LCHF GUARANTEES PERMANENT fat/weight-loss*. How many other diets can boast that…? Ever tried to adhere to a LFHC calorie-restricted diet before…? Impossible, right…? It's a fad diet because it's against how your body works. X❤X


Thanks for this, it's interesting stuff, nothing I haven't read before. But I have to discount it as I will never eat meat. I haven't eaten it for 28 years because I find it completely abhorrent. I have no issue with other people eating meat I just can't eat it myself.

There are several schools of though on whether humans are omnivorous or vegetarian and both have valid arguments. My philosophy is that I'll do what's right for me. Eating meat is not an option for me.

And I don't actually eat that much soya. Probably once or twice a week.

My Hashimoto's story started with my diagnosis when I was 7. But that was it. I was diagnosed, put on thyroxine and sent on my way. Other than my function tests and occasional changing of my dose I was left to my own devices. Up till last year I'd been on 225 a day for probably 8 years. I started feeling terrible so when my doc called me in after a function test I was convinced she'd put the dose up, but she didn't. She put it down. I've been having 3 monthly function tests since and I'm currently on 125 a day with a function test due next month. I've also had full bloods done and now have vitamin D on prescription as a result. I'm not supplementing iodine because most of the reading I have done advises against it.

Because I was feeling so bad I started reading about Hashimoto's and that's how I found this site, amongst others. I have made changes and I am feeling better than I was and I am losing weight faster than I have in years, although still slower than other people I know.

I'm not hugely over weight, I'm a size 14, but I'm carrying more than I'm comfortable with. I don't sit in spin classes three times a week. I pound the treadmill when the weather's bad, but most of my exercise is from running outdoors, skating at the roller disco I help run, or skating outdoors when the weather is dry, between 6 and 13 miles a couple of times a week. I also do pilates and body weight strengthening. I'm not a gym bunny.


Very interesting but it's really hard to think about eating meat. I was vegetarian for about 23years then started eating eggs and fish I do feel better than before but meat would be a step too far. I will check the sites and books and see if I can adapt. Among other issues weight is really annoying me.


Hi I use it and its great. I have Hashi, Coeliac, dairy wheat allergy, PA and other deficiencies. Before I was diagnosed Coeliac Nov2012 I stuck to my calories religiously but only managed to maintain my weight but at least I wasn't gaining more I was 13stone and been on 50mg Levo 12months, was also under a dietician as I wasn't losing weight despite trying and was showing muliple allergies and Dr didn't know. I was tested ntested and had low B12,ferritin and boarder line folate despite doing my best to eat the right foods from this tested for Coeliac. I went gluten free and in a month while still counting my cals as I was doing I lost a stone it then slowed down a bit and in 12 months I lost 2.5 stone although feeling so much better I started running using couch25k and run a few times a week now. It isa battle now I would like to lose another stone I really cannot eat above my allowance if I haven't exercised so this is insensitive to do it.My hypo hhas got worse over last 5 months as TSH has risen from 2.2 -3 now3.2 but Dr not increasing levo despite slight weight gain and muscle weakness preventing exercise but I'm still counting calories which limits the damage. So if you want a thyroid friend add me.


Wow - all very interesting Athena_noctura and I can say I've eaten that way (your way) since the beg of December and the weight just comes off but you don't feel hungry or like you're on a diet. It's a way if life not a diet. In fact I've had to reduce my thyroxine since losing weight! It works!

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I use MFP. I've looked but can't find a search for friends. So cannot find you! :-( . My name is the same as this -w3ndy2159. I would be happy to be your buddy. I've been using MFP for 162 days continuously now (approx 1.25 year in total). Like you I find it slightly depressing that others can lose weight sooooo easily eating more calories and less exercise than I do. So far I've lost 23.5lbs. I'm also doing 5/2 diet at same time as 1400 calories a day (usually less) makes me put weight on. Even tho I'm 'good' and eat healthily I usually lose 1/2-2lbs a month. Not very satisfying when my husband has been on a diet for 8wks and lost 22lbs!! Grr!! Good luck with your weight loss target and hope you can find me :-)


The soya thing I believe it was one thing of many random things I had a so called allergy to before diagnosed Coeliac, but introduced soya yogurts a few months back to boost my low B12 as unable to tolerate B12 injections or tablets. But after a week off the yogurts I feel much better less tired achey, tthis is when my TSH increased and feeling of pressure inneck will see how bloods are in few weeks. Feel free to add me on myfitnesspal we all need support :-)




I'm on there my username is jigjag89

I've found it really helpful to keep track of what I'm eating, and how it works out in terms of how much carb or protein I'm having etc.

I started trying to lose weight in September 2012 and by Sept 2013 I had lost a stone and now I have ground to a complete halt! Trying to get properly on the wagon again now by actually doing some exercise as well as watching the diet!


Hi, I'm vegan, have Hashimoto's and autoimmune reactions to gluten (as in coeliac disease), wheat, rye & barley. I sporadically use My Fitness Pal when I'm gaining too much weight for my liking. It is also useful for checking nutrients such as iron & calcium and exercise levels. I'm not friends with anyone yet, as I just use it occasionally. If you don't mind my frequent absences, I'd be happy to be friends with you there :-)


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