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I look so bad

I have just stopped with a cup of tea, en-route to the sofa I could not help notice in the large mirror in my lounge that my hair looks like it belongs to some breed of monkey - it used to be long and curly and nicely highlighted - as it has deteriorated in condition over the last couple of years I have had it cut shorter and shorter. The hairdresser has also refused to do highlights as the condition was so poor - so instead they have been using some all over dye which is now growing out and there is a large grey stripe down the top of my head.

Since switching from hyper to hypo I have gained weight and look so dowdy covering up with large sweaters etc. My skin is white and I have huge black circles under my eyes - never mind a bloody scar on my neck.

Anyway switching on the TV - I am confronted by 4 'loose women' all looking so glamorous and energetic, they are discussing the joys of being 40 or 50 and how women look so good at this age (I am 50). They are planning valentine dinners and romance. Don't get me wrong I have a lovely husband although the age difference of 10 years (he is younger) feels greater than ever at the moment. The poor man has so much to put up with this pathetic wife. A wife who does not know that the world exists after 7pm and is constantly moaning.

I want to be energetic again - I want to have a reason to look good and I hate the thought of my life passing me by. I find myself resenting these happy colourful women who don't seem to know what living like this is really about.

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one of those loose women,cherie something,has thyroid probs i read an interview in a magazine about her.i don't know if she stil presents the show or not,as i have an aversion to people who look and sound so bloody happy all the time...jealous moi!!!.


I've just clicked the 'Like' button to your last comment. x


I was watching and thinking exactly the same as you France! i too look in the mirror and wonder where the real me went! just to feel and look the same again for a day would make me so happy! surely this isnt how we are always going to be? but i think we are! have a hug!


My friend (who's also hypothyroid but with no hair loss) calls it the "dragged through a hedge backwards" look. As for highlights - my daughter, who's a qualified hairdresses, streaked by hair only last week and it turned out fine and it seems to make the hair thicker, although I wouldn't be able to sue my daughter would I if all the hair ended up in the

Have you tried coconut oil - you buy it in a jar (looks like old fashioned lard) from health shops and, once melted and put on the head for 20 minutes, can do wonders. It is a little messy and needs several shampoo's to get it all out of the hair but its worth it.

Treat yourself to a nice cup of tea, a choccy biscuit and a cuddle from hubbie (it is valentines day after all) and thing will look brighter.

Moggie x


Poor you. I know how you feel as I feel really rubbish today too. I didn't sleep well and have a panda face too (dark circles, pale skin). It takes a lot to freak me out about my health, but I am freaking out today slightly.

Be kind to yourself. I had a haircut at lunchtime and feel slightly better. I don't know why but nice looking and nice feeling hair really does make such a difference, but it does. I never colour or perm my hair (not since the big curly perm in the 80s), and I think my hair does thank me for it. I am lucky in having a hair colour that I actually like.

I also had a coffee - that perks me up. There is a benefit in being highly sensitive to caffeine. I use it sparingly, but it's great when I need it.

I have a lovely husband too, although he's conspicuous by his absence at the moment... he's on holiday. As for Valentine's dinner, I will be lucky if I can summon up the enthusiasm to cook dinner at all... my poor children. :-o

Tommorrow will be better, I'm sure.


It's easy to 'look' glamorous for an hour or so with the help of a makeup artist - even wigs are used - but not so easy on a daily basis. Don't be fooled by the glamourpusses! And don't compare yourself either.

I struggle to come to terms with the change in myself but in the end you have to compare yourself with yourself and if you see a small improvement - celebrate it! I, too, have gone from hyper to hypo (a few years now) and it is very hard to handle.

A bit of blusher can make you feel more positive, I know because I have a very pale yellowish hypo complexion and if I keep looking it really depresses me, so I slap on a bit of blusher and put on a scarf which compliments my eye colour and kid myself I'm 45 again! (I'm 68 in years but still 18 in my head!)



Agree with Marram. I did read somewhere that one of the 'loose women' had facelift or botox, (not quite sure if that is right) and with the help of make-up, hair etc, no wonder they look good. Would like to see pics of them without it all!!.

I went to a wedding recently and had my make up done by a make up artist. The difference was amazing. I felt like me again and my confidence boosted !! Wish I could have that every day:)

It is indeed a struggle being Hypo (or hyper).

Thank goodness for this site and the understanding from other sufferer's....!!



It's all for the cameras love. Make up artists and hair, clothes, a whole team fussing around. Just try think what they look like first thing in morning, just the same as us. Lol. I know that dpesnt seem much help, and with 6 stone weight gain I'm pretty crappy too. Hubby says , " you're still you ". I'm 60 but in my head 30, my body about 90 lol take your pick, they're just numbers. I hope you feel bit better today, put on some music, if no energy just pretend you're dancing x


Ive got to get one up one you all, Im 75.... look 75...feel 75.but only for today,,,,not a good day !

But who knows I may wake tomorrow feeling 30 again...that will be great, must just remember not to look in the mirror....


Oh sweetie i totally know how you feel, ive been hypo for 15yrs now and believe me i feel like ive slept the last 15yrs away!

I have gained weight, but one thing ido to make myself feel better is i dye my hair a mad shade of purple lol. Luckily my daughter is a hairdresser, i just find that it brightens me up and when i get funny stares from people i just say "well you know ive got a sence of humor".

Some days i look in the mirror and wonder why and where the old me has gone. I try and take small pleasure in the little things in life like my lovely understanding partner. Who i often say to "why dont you find a younger healthy model, this ones past her sell by".

And just walking my two lovely westies, and the fact that im just about to become a grandma for the first time!!

Poor little thing he will have a purple nanny! And i am a self employed massage therapist, who has built up my business over the past 15yrs. I feel very blessed at times, and very low at others. Ive learnt to just take everyday as it comes.

Good luck and try and do something nice foryourself daily. Be your own best friend huni, if your best friend felt like you do, what advice wld you give her.xx


" I am being to measure myself in strength,not pounds. Sometimes in smiles." Quote from L H Anderson Wintergirls


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