New TSH results

I just received my new TSH blood result

Component Results

ComponentStandard RangeYour ValueFlag

TSH0.34 - 4.82 uIU/mL 0.02L

I am showing really low, what does this mean? I am on 112 Mcg levothyroxine and 10 Mcg liothyronine T3

I work out 5 days a week and I can not lose weight, I am approx 15 lbs heavy and nothing will help me lose it! I am feeling so depressed :(

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  • It merely means that your TSH is almost totally suppressed. This doesn't necessarily mean you have enough hormone working in your system though. You need to have blood tests for your free T4 and free T3 which would give you more of an idea of the effects of your treatment.

  • Component Results

    ComponentStandard RangeYour ValueFlag

    T4 Free0.76 - 1.80 ng/dL0.96

    Here is my T4. 0.96

  • Hi jilly, it is easier to tell what's going on now that you have revealed the other two tests. Do you have any other blood tests? Your FT4 is just barely in range and that is way too low if you have Hashimoto's although it sometimes is a little lower when you are taking T3. Your FT3 is also not high enough and you are taking T3 which is probably the only reason it is a bit better than T4. I would say you are converting okay so it's more a matter of not having enough thyroid hormone. Since your GP or Endo put you on T3 for one reason or another, I think I would try for more T3 in addition to you 112 levo.

    Don't allow him to decrease your hormone on the basis of the TSH. As Marz said, don't stress the body right now overexercising. If they refuse any or all of the suggestions here, I would go on my own. Those cofactors are important as well, i.e. iron, folate, ferritin, etc. But that may not be your problem as much as the others.

  • Taking T3 will possibly suppress the TSH. Most people feel better at 1 or under. As Heloise says you also need to know your FT3 result - but it is ONLY a guide. You need to go by how you feel.

    Do you have Hashimotos ? If so going gluten free may help with the weight and your mood level.

    How are your levels of B12 - VitD - iron - Ferritin - Folate - all need to be OPTIMAL....

    Things take a long time and as you don't say how long you have been on the T3/T4 combo it is difficult to comment. Working out 5 times a week sounds a lot - maybe too much for a Hypo :-) There have been posts here about doing too much exercise which in turn affects thyroid function. Pop something into the Search Box on the Green Bar and see what comes up :-)

  • I have never been diagnosed with hoshimotos, I had a complete thyroidectomy last Oct because they thought I had Cancer but it came out benign:) now I have NO thyroid and have to deal with meds forever!!

  • Doctors will tell you it is too low and try and reduce your dosage. If you feel well, you need to ignore it. Be guided by how well you are. I feel best when my TSH is below 0.1.

    I am on T3 only

  • Component Results

    ComponentStandard RangeYour ValueFlag

    T3 Free2.3 - 4.2 pg/mL3.59

    And here is my T3

    The Dr now wants to lower my thyroid medication to 100mcg

  • Right. I'm at 0.2 and feel "fine". Be happy that you have the energy to work out 5 days a week. That is very good. I think that is very difficult or almost impossible to lose weight with hypo. I personally need to lose 12kg to be perfect and I can't and I exercise and eat properly. Be strong, I know it's hard to face reality.

  • I don't have a thyroid that's why I have to take levothyroxine, this is all new to me so I still have no clue what I am doing. The weight gain of 15 lbs is driving me crazy though :(

  • I am a very athletic person, so I am really struggling with the extra weight gain 15lbs. I refuse to except that there is nothing I can do, so I have been trying everything....working out 5 times a week, walking every morning, lowering my daily intake of food and so far nothing is changing.....I am feeling pretty hopeless right now, so if anyone on this panel has any other suggestions please let me know!


  • Reducing your food intake will just lower your conversion from T4 to T3, and thus sap your energy. Vigorous exercise will increase your cortisol (which also reduces conversion) and use up your supplies of T3 and other thyroid hormones. You need to maintain as healthy a diet as possible (but not calorie restricted) to keep conversion going. And keep exercise down to something fairly gentle to conserve the thyroid hormones you do have.

    For people with hypothyroidism, dieting and vigorous exercise are really counter-productive.

  • Dear Jilly bean1

    I am relatively new to all of this , but I put on another two stone, and im only 5 ft, well 4ft 11 inches, and it looks horrendous on me.(I had just bought a new wardrobe before I came down with this , and it broke my heart when i had to give half of it to a charity shop as i couldnt wear it anymore) I went swimming, and do a little pilates, about 10 mins day and night as i get too tired at the moment but i have brought my weight down from 10 stone to 9 , 12, I have auto immune hypothyroid, im on 75 mg levo and clonodine and ranitidine,

    also sage and eve primrose, too many pills for my liking! HOWEVER, i used to walk 7 miles a day so i empathise completely, now my energy levels are pants , but ive got the weight round about stable , but i have also gone gluten free, and i eat muesli, with brazil nuts which i hate, but i hear they help the condition(selenium) . I must admit eating is a problem but i am prepared to try anything bar eating red meat, but I do eat tuna. Try not to get too depressed, these fantastic people on this site are soo wonderful theres a light at the end of the tunnel here and these earth angels are so caring and offer such wonderful advice, I wouldn't have lasted a day had I not found

    this site.

    Good Luck

    Kind Regards


  • Thank you for your words of encouragement!

  • I used to be 8-8-half stone so i need to get to that ,,and losing a few pounds s is a miracle..but really hard.. I need to get back to my original weight as i cant function like this,,but Rome was never built in a day!



  • So do my blood result say I'm hypothyroid? I have no clue what they mean.....I thought 0.02 meant I was hyperthyroid???? I am sooooo confused!! Ugh

  • That's what doctors still believe but it's really your FT3 that has to be over range that dictates whether you are hyperthyroid. If you were not taking any hormone at all and had that low TSH with symptoms, they woulde probably say you were hyperthyroid. The TSH test is only a pituitary test.

    The fact you have NO thyroid makes you hypothyroid. Where else would you get your thyroid hormone when your thyroid is completely gone?? When you produce NO thyroid serum, naturally you become hypo. Now that you take levo, the only way to say you are hyper is if your FT3 and FT4 are over range.

  • You could ask for more tests before he lowers your dose - make sure you don't take medication before the tests.

    If you are feeling fine, you should not lower your dose - hyper symptoms include feeling 'wired' jittery, hot & bothered. If you are on T3 your pituitary will hardly bother sending out the TSH signal.

    Dieting doesn't help much, better to ensure you're getting the correct nutrients...

    here's a good site mentioning excercise & reverse T3 - (might be worth increasing T3 dose & lowering T4?)

    Jane :D

    anyone not signed the petition yet?

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