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I'm tired!

Hello everyone. I was diagnosed with an Underactive thyroid just over a year ago. I was started on Levothyroxine at 25mg and this had been increased to 100mg over the year...which I understand from my new GP is actually what they prefer to start people on at first diagnosis.

I have recently changed GPs because I wasn't happy with the doctor I had. I now have a really nice GP who listens and have an appointment booked in to discuss my thyroid in a few weeks time. I have never had an results given to me other than I had an Underactive thyroid. However, briefly at my initial new GP appointment I did ask how it was affecting me personally. He told me my thyroid was 'dying'

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Have you been checked for thyroid Anti bodies? I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism only to discover when I saw a locum Gp that I actually had Hasimoto's. which causes an Autoimmune attack killing your thyroid. Its just a simple blood test to diagnose this xx


I'm not sure. Definately a question to ask!! How does that make you feel?


You can go between hypo & hyper, google Hasimotos lots of info on the net. Definitely worth being tested xx


THANKYOU. I will go search and ask my GP.


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