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I'm totally lost here D:

I've been suffering with joint pain for a while, with additional symptoms of an underactive thyroid, but my doctor has told me it has nothing to do with my thyroid, and after shipping me off to a few different specialists for my joint pain, I'm back at square 1.

He will not send me to a thyroid specialist, and has put all of my symptoms down to "anxiety and stress". I'm in full time therapy and have been for well over a year, this is not down to Poor mental health at all.

And to nicely top it off i have to wait a further 6 months until another blood test.

Can anybody at all tell me if joint pain is a symptom of an underactive thyroid and also if there is anything I can do, I'm really at a loss, and all of this is having such a negative effect on me :/.

Thank you for taking the time to read this

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Have a look here:


Certainly pain is all too regularly reported. As is anxiety.

Have you talked these issues over with your therapist? It might be that he/she would be able to back up your claim?



Your the only person who has given me a straight forward answer, to that question, and for that alone thank you!

I have with both of them and they both agree that it's not in my mind as my ignorant doctor said it is. I'll be seeing a psychiatrist so they can evaluate me and tell me if it is in my head or not, but that's all I can really do at the moment.

Is there anything that I can do for myself that might improve some of the symptoms I'm experiencing? I'm desperate to find something at the moment :/


Hi, I certainly have joint pain and quite a lot of other symptoms from the list that Rod linked you in to. It is quite a common symptom. Would it help to print off the list and highlight the symptoms you are having and show your doctor? There is a lot of ignorance amongst GPs about thyroid disease. Apparently it is hardly covered in their medical training, but a good GP would admit lack of knowledge and refer you to someone who does understand. Sorry you are having this experience! LB


I've had a look at it and my partner and my dad have both agreed that I'm ticking a lot of the boxes on that list, it might do, and I certainly think I will give it a try and see what he says then. Well my doctor isn't that great by the looks of things, he gave me antidepressants and said it was in my head, insulted was not the word lol. Thank you I appreciate the feedback :) x


Unfortunately some (most) doctors are blinkered and don't seem to want to research medical conditions beyond their training. I'm sat in doctors waiting room after being called to see him. I've had meds and food but can bet money on him wanting to do bloods which I will have to rearrange for nice told him before that I need to have not taken meds but he says it makes no difference. Haven't seen him regarding thyroid for a while as he (his managers) won't treat me. However he is a lovely man and great with everything else. It's the thyroid taboo!!


He sounds lovely lol, I'm starting to get the feeling that most doctors won't help me with this, so I'm stuck for a while, he wants me to wait another 6 months to have bloods done and if they come back inconclusive, I'll have to wait another 6 months from then!



I suffered joint pain. I remember just before being diagnosed both wrists felt like they had handcuffs on them as they ached so much. Also legs and knees and ankles. Unfortunately, going on thyroxine increased these aches for me.

I just saw a new Endo on Monday and we went through my history. We talked about joint aches and he was in agreement that joint pains are a hypo symptom. He said that it was interesting that they increased on thyroxine and he had a few patients like that. He asked me if I had increased thirst at that time also, ( so maybe he was thinking of diabetes? )

Well a couple of years ago it was discovered that I had a severe vitamin D deficiency (result was 6) so the doctor put me on high dose vitamin d3. That really helped with my aches and pains to the extent that I do not suffer with them. Also, I believe that low iron can cause joint pain.

Maybe you could get a print out of your recent blood test and post your results on here. There are many knowledgable people who will help you to work things out. You are entitled to a copy although you may have a little resistance from the reception staff.

Also, it is quite difficult being assertive with doctors when you feel poorly so if you want to push for something, ie: further blood tests or seeing a specialist I have found it helpful to take someone with me. Gps just like to fob us off sometimes!!

Wishing you luck!

Carolineanne x


That's terrible :/ I hope the pain can be treated for you, I get pain and stiffness and swelling in my hands, fingers, knees, shoulders it just depends of where it feels like attacking!

I might have to because I have no idea what the hell all those blood tests mean; I had one set done in January and my doctor said my thyroid was 'just out of range' whatever that means but I had some more done about a month ago and they were normal :S the doctor I saw for that said it was common among people who have an underactive thyroid.

Thank you :) you too :) x


Yes joint pain is definateley a symtom.


Thank you! Lol my doctor seems to disagree :/


I have found I also get joint pain on certain medications too. Just a thought :)


Hi, joint pain is definitely a symptom of hypothyroidism - I was diagnosed around 7 weeks ago and the aches and pains have actually

en worse - I can barely walk first thing in morning and it's like a stiffness that goes once I'm up and moving - joint pain resonates through arms, hands and mainly elbows.


Vitamin deficiency can cause pain all over your body, especially B-12 and D-3 please research for yourself! Remember always take vitamins with food!


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