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Anti fungal medication

I have been prescribed Terbinafine for a fungus skin problem caused by antibiotics but i have read on the net that people with autoimmune problems should not take them, I have three autoimmune conditions Graves with eye problems, vitiligo and Lichen Sclerosus and im also 70 years old, has anyone else had experience of taking anti fungal meds with similar conditions and how did they get on with them, i am very wary of taking them after reading this as it doesnt take a lot to make me feel ill.

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I am sorry you are worried and I have looked at a link so maybe have a word with the pharmacist as your GP has prescribed.


Hi there I have used teatree oil - 3-4 drops in about 1/2 cup water and sponge it on several times a day, also cleanse from the inside with garlic and parsley tablets and a good probiotic. worth a try and wishing you well.


I took Terbinafine for a fungal infection on my backside. It was prescribed by a dermatologist, I took it for 3 months and it seemed to resolve the problem with no side effects. I also have three autoimmune conditions, Hashimotos Under active Thyroid, Reactive Arthritis and Psoriasis. I am 68 years old if that helps and I took these tablets about a year ago

The dermatologist said that this tablet was also used for Fungal nail infections and you needed to take them for some 6 months.


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