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Help for me

Please could somebody give me some advice, my blood teast have come back normal. But I am completely tired, I can't get up in the mornings as I feel dizzy and so tired, I can function probeley I can walk peoberley because my balance is all over the place, my doctor don't know who to refer me to, as usually he refers me to the mental health team, I have had counselling and I have always felt it was my nerves and anxiety, and I was having a setback, but I have to crawl up the stairs at night, and even brushing my teeth is a effort, I am sure their is something wrong with me and its not all anxiety. I am loosing my confidence to go out because I feel like I don't know what's going to happen next, and ether I will collapse. I haven't been on a day trip or holiday for years as I am panicky in the car going on motorways, I don't see a light at the end of this tunnel, I am also caring for my husband who has copd. I have no other family or support any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Without knowing exactly what tests your doctor has run and the actual results including reference ranges theres little we can do to help you

its possible you have hypothyroid but without those tests we cant tell


If I am in the right range, my doctor won't send me anywhere, my tsh last year was underactive. And then six months later it was normal. My doctor said that stress can cause havoc with thyroid. When I was sent to the fatique clinic. I was examined and was told I have a slight tremor due to anxiety but normal, I have to buy alive pounds for a copy of my blood tests results I had allergy test for celiac etc which come back normal.if I pay Fodor a blood test photocopy what do I do with it, as I need a doctor to perscribe me medicine to feel better, and my doctor keeps telling me I am having panic attacks . ???? I can't force him to send me to Alan endo thyroid doctor, sorry about spelling.i have asked for my t.4 etc to be tested but my doctormsaysnif the tsh is normal there is no need for the other tests by the way, I am 60 years old. Thank you.


Have you had your B12, ferritin, folate and vitamin D tested?

Low B12 can cause problems with balance etc.


If I knew what supplements to take while I am waiting for a appointment, I could go to holland and Barrett and get them, yes I have all my vitamins tested, b12 etc. and the doctor said they are all normal. Any suggestions what I should take for a flagging thyroid if that is whats the matter with me. Thank you.


You really need to get a copy of your blood test results. If your Vitamin B12 (for example) has a reference range of 220 - 680 (I just made up the numbers), and your result is 220, then your GP will tell you this is normal. It isn't though. It is far too low. And this same nonsense might be repeated on several of your tests.

In my own case, poor balance and staggering a bit when I walked was due to low iron and low vitamin D.

Before we can suggest any supplements for you, you really must get hold of those test results including reference ranges. And you are entitled to them by law!



Don't be nervous of asking the surgery for a copy of your blood tests. We are apt to be a bit shy and nervous about asking because we have never had to do it previously.

Tell the Receptionist you want copies of your recent blood test results, with the ranges, for your own records as you now want to keep track. They may ask for some money for paper/ink. Mine charge nothing.

When you get the copy, put your results on a new post for members to comment.

If your doctor hasn't done a Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, iron, ferritin and folate make a request for these to be done and, again, get a copy and post them here. We are usually deficient in these and they can also cause problems. It's best to know what you are deficient in before supplementing.

With regards to thyroid hormone blood tests, because the thyroid gland is the Master gland of our whole body, if it is a little bit low it can affect us from head to toe.

When doctors say 'normal' it just means we are within a range but for thyroid gland problems, some of us need to be below the range to feel well.

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My vitamin b.12 last year were 445 ng/L. Whatever that is. Serum folate 8.6 ug/ l. Serum ferritin135.5 ug/L. I don't know where the iron result is called or vitamin D. Is called.



Lavender, do you have the ranges for these please.


Shaws. I haven't as I cannot even read them, I am going to get. Photocopy of my most recent blood tests today it cost. £5. At my surgery. If you could let me know what vitamin d 3 is called in medical terms and iron as I have a few on here. Anyway I will post my new blood results . I don't eat red meat hardly ever only fish and chicken, and I have ibs would that make me anaemic or low in iron, as i don't know. Thanks.


£5 for a copy of your blood test results is extortionate.

Your B12 level I would say is too low. Usually the top of the range is about 900, so I would say you should supplement with a sublingual B12 methylcobalamin (it cannot be cyanocobalamin) to bring your B12 up to around 700/800 but you cannot overdose as excess is excreted. Sublingual dissolves in your mouth and goes straight into bloodstream especially if you have stomach problem.

You can buy sublingual B12 methylcobalamin from Amazon but I think Holland & Barratt only have cyanocobalamin. Vitamin D is just called Vitamin D. It is actually a hormone. Iron is just called iron.

Listen to this video.

We have to read and learn so much to get our health back.


Thank you what strength will I start off with, as I think I should,start on a low strength first do amazon do alow strengths. In b12


You can choose either 1,000mg or 5,000mg. I just get 1,000 mg and may take 2 a day. This is a link and make sure you choose sublingual as a couple on here aren't.


I wrote al letter yesterday an handed it in to my doctor, about my levels b12 and I am waiting for him to get back to me, I know that he will say my results are all in the range. And I don't know if he will give me supplements as I am a bit nervous medicating myself. Would a b. vitamin with all the bs in plus b12 be appropriate with say iron,for this tiredness and fatique. Thanks. Do the sublingual b12 have side effects. As really I don't know what's making me feel ill it could be thyroid or anxiety or anaemia just don't know as my blood tests have come back all in the normal range. Thanks


As you are nearly at 500 you are around the middle range so I doubt he will give you B12 but he might agree to a few B12 injections. There is no danger supplementing with B12 sublingual as excess is excreted in our urine.

The range 'normal' I believe is for people with good health and no problems. As we have an autoimmune condition which needs our vitamins etc at a higher level as we may have symptoms caused by being slightly deficient but I do understand your reluctance about taking something which you think may make you feel worse.

This is an extract about B12:

B12 Deficiency

Growing evidence supports the importance of B12 with regard to hormone balance, in that many of the disorders associated with a hormone imbalance are also associated with a vitamin B12 deficiency. Without adequate B12, overall health is compromised in fundamental ways.

One of the reasons people become deficient in vitamin B12 is that, with age, the digestive system gradually loses its ability to produce hydrochloric acid, which is necessary for releasing vitamin B12 from food. Dr. Mercola suggests that "If you're over 50, it's safe to assume you are not absorbing vitamin B12 at an optimal level."

Symptoms of a vitamin B12 deficiency include:

unexplained fatigue or loss of energy

muscle weakness

poor circulation

tingling in the extremities


lack of motivation

mental fogginess

memory problems

unusual mood swings.

While working as an emergency department nurse, Ms. Pacholok frequently observes "patients presenting with generalized weakness, anemia, shortness of breath, neuropathy, difficulty ambulating, mental status changes, mental illness, and fall-related trauma" only to find that they are deficient in B12. She suggests that all too often these types of symptoms fall under a diagnosis of "normal aging" or other conditions, when vitamin B12 is the real culprit. Other B vitamins you should get from food.

Read the whole link:-


Shaws. I hqope you don't mind me asking, but have you got a b12 deficiency, or is your blood test like mine low, but in the range thank you for the literature on b12 I have read it. Thanks


No, I do have Pernicious Anaemia for which I get injections every 3 months, but it is recommended I get them more often, but they wont do them, so I supplement with B12.

If you put your question on a new post others will reply and may help you to make a decision.

This is an video about Dr Chandy.


£5 is too much. It should be about 10p a sheet. they are not legally allowed to make a profit and must give results from last 40 days FREE. It's in the NHS constitution. Or you can just copy the results from the computer screen onto your own paper - they are not allowed to charge for that.


I have just rang the surgery and my .b.12 results are 439 the receptionist said they are within the normal range. I asked for a copy of my blood tests and was told it would cost 5 pound.


The normal range she said is 246 to 911"


Hi Lavender

As others have said you do have the right to your tests - you can ask to see them on-screen for free, £5 is unreasonable!

Ferritin is stored iron

if your GP won't test... you can get home tests

an Active B12 Test (the better one) for £57

a Vit D test for £25 here (NHS lab)

best test before supplementing then you know where you are.

Jane :D

anyone not signed the petition yet?


A receptionist is not a doctor, s/he's a clerk.

Normal range just means that statistically 90-95% of people tested fell into that range. It doesn't mean it is good or that they were healthy.

NHS constitution download:

Page 8: "You have the right to be given information about the test and treatment options available to you, what they involve and their risks and benefits.

You have the right of access to your own health records and to have any factual inaccuracies corrected. "

They can charge up to £10 fro printing electronic records, but they aren't supposed to make a profit. So ask for ALL your computer records and get value for money.

From the DoH guidance:

"All these maximum charges include postage and packaging costs. Any charges for access requests should not be made in

order to make a financial gain. "


If all your doctor has tested is TSH he is totally wrong

TSH must NEVER be relied on because if you have Central hypothyroid it will be so called normal

you must get the results and copy them onto here

to brush you off vlaiming its just panic attacks is so so wrong

take someone who knows you with you and let them argue with your doctor

its vital you get results for


free t4

vit b12



vit d3

without them its not possible to know whats wrong

you might even have pernicous aneamia it often masks as underactive thyroid

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If your doctor is quite good and if you had a full blood test last year, it may be better to ask for a full new blood test, including a full Thyroid Function Test including TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, Free T3. Iron, ferritin and folate (these are interconnected) , Vitamin D, Vitamin B12. If you have only had them recently, ask for the ones you didn't have but wait till you get a print-out of all your blood test results as you don't want to pay £5 a time.


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