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Desperate for help

I have been googling researching anxiety because I've been told I have anxiety. I feel so hungry for breath that my only relief is to yawn!!!! I've had thyroid problems before and experiencing hypo symptoms now. My endo doctor says I don't have thyroid issues. Not true, I feel everything thyroid related and have heart palpatatios ever since they told me I was having thyroid problems. They have never gone away since. Which is why I know I still have thyroid problems. I get short of breath and I know it's not anxiety. My heart doesn't race I don't have high bp, and there's nothing cause me to stress or worry besides for my not breathing. Went to doc and bp was great. I love life and am a pretty happy person. Doc put me on anxiety meds because I was desperate to fix my breathing. I realized I was extra calm but wait still the breathing symptoms not breathing. The only difference was I wasn't panicking when I couldn't breathe but I was still soooooo desperate for air. :"( I just want a doctor who can prescribe me the right thyroid medication. I also heard thyroid is very hard to diagnose, it's hit or miss. This is terrible I don't wish this feeling upon anyone!!!!

Thank you all for reading.

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Welcome to the forum, Wifemomteacher.

If you can post recent thyroid results with ranges (figures in brackets after results) members will advise whether you have a thyroid problem. Symptoms can present months/years before abnormal bloods which is why it is so difficult to get a diagnosis and diagnosis, and why so many patients resort to self medication.

It may be worth having ferritin and iron tested. Low iron/ferritin can cause breathlessness and palpitations as well as hypothyroidism.

A tip for getting more air when you have airhunger is to breathe in slowly and deeply to your stomach and exhale slowly. I've also found breathing through pursed lips helpful although it looks rather peculiar.


Thank you thank you I am in tears right now reading your response because I'm so happy I got this advice. I am going to get tested first thing Monday for low ferritin and iron. Thank YOU! I will also post results tomorrow. Xoxo. God bless.


...tests for B12 and VitD whilst they are doing the others ! BOTH very important....


Wifemomteacher, as Marz says, add B12 and folate to the tests.


If you have had a blood test for your thyroid hormones recently post your results with the ranges.

If you've not had a recent one, make an appointment for the earliest and fast (you can drink water). If you were on thyroid hormones you'd leave about 24 hours between the last dose and the blood test.

Just request a Full Thyroid Function test which includes Free T3. Your doctor may not agree but you can get a Free T3 privately. If we don't have sufficient T3 in our receptor cells it can cause all sorts of symptoms. T3 is the active hormone required in all of our cells. Usually the prescription is levothyroxine which is T4 and should convert but sometimes we are poor converters. Breathlessness is also a symptom of hypothyroidism.

You will see from the above link the importance of FT3.


Treating my low ferritin and low iron helped my yawning, breathlessness and air hunger a huge amount. Doctors usually only look at ferritin. It is possible to have in-range ferritin and below-range iron, so a full iron panel is necessary to be sure whether it is or isn't an issue.

This link may help :

The table at the bottom is particularly helpful.

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I agree with Clutter, good to get your iron and ferritin checked out.

Marz told me before that breathlessness can be down to low iron or low ferritin.

Marz told me:- Low Iron/Ferritin = Low oxygen = breathlessness.

Hubby is having breathlessness, but it is not his Asthma type of breathlessness, so we have just sent away for Blue horizons finger prick test for ferritin and iron panel test which he successfully completed last night, (he hates any needles,) we have sent it back and now are waiting for his results.

Hubby had many bloods done at his Doctors, but not any ferritin or iron panel bloods to rule out breathlessness.


I'm not adding anything new to what's already been said, but just to underline that, as well as iron and the other tests mentioned, get your B12 level checked (and be aware that even if the result comes back "within normal range", it's not necessarily adequate). Air hunger is a classic symptom of low B12, and low B12 can also contribute to anxiety.


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