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Thyroid Levels during Pregnancy TSH, T3, T4

Hi, I wonder if someone can give me some input on my blood results as I'm confused and worried right now. After 2 miscarriages I had my thyroid function tested and had the following readings: TSH 0.43, T3 4.1, T4 16.0. This was of no concern to my doctor at the time. I'm now pregnant again and my gynaecologist tested my thyroid levels at 17 weeks which lead to the following readings: TSH 0.17, T4 12.63, T3 not tested. After these results she said we need to monitor your thyroid levels regularly and I just had another blood test (20 weeks) which gave the following readings: TSH 0.27, T3 3.74, T4 11.37. I realise both my TSH as well s my T4 readings are fairly low. Do I need to be concerned for the health of my baby? Do these results require any treatment? I appreciate your input.

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It's good that your TSH is low. Do you have the ranges of your blood test results - the figures are in brackets. The reason is that labs differ and it makes it easier for members to comment.

I sounds as if your gynaecologist is doing the right thing, in view of the fact that you've had two miscarriages, and I wish you well in your pregnancy.

Members who have gone through a similar experience will respond.


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