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I have Hashimoto's and have been on 50 mg of levothyroxine. I found out I was pregnant last week (approx 5 weeks) so I informed my doctor and asked to have a blood test done. I rang the surgery to find out the result and was told my TSH level was 3.5. I have read in places that this is considered high and my dose needs to be increased. However, the doctor has put that this is OK and no action is required. I have arranged for another appointment to ask to be reffered to a specialist and in the meantime I was thinking to increase my dose to 100mg. Is this advisable or should I wait? I have already had a miscarriage at 11 weeks and that is when I was told I had a high level of thyroid antibodies (370 IU/ml).

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  • Yes this has lead me to think that I now need to start taking 100mcg instead of my current 50 mcg. I think I will do this immediately until my appointment with the doctor next Monday.

  • Hi when my TSH was at 3.65 my others FT4/3 weren't even in range, the TSH is not even a thyroid hormone it's a pituitary hormone to the thyroid telling it to produce more T4/3 in mine and many other people's experience is that a TSH of 1 or below puts you in optimum range for the FT4/3 if everything is converting properly, but you need those testing to know if you are converting properly. What are you doing to try and get the immune system back in line? I bet you had hashimotos before the under active thyroid problem, usually it precedes it. So you need a blood cell check white mainly as they are your immune system, there are 5 groups in the blood cell count all ending in ...Phil if not already a good quality supplement is a good idea also check on your progesterone or estrogen for estrogen dominance, as you'll know estrogen launches the pregnancy, but progesterone takes it to term, foods high in natural progesterone are yams. Also inc nutrients such as the omegas 3-6-9 plus folic acid. If my memory serves me correctly I read a report that said estrogen dominance was one of the causes of miscarriage... Hope that helps... 

  • Hi. Thanks for that information... Every time I go to the doc it seems I have to convince them to do a blood test! They haven't done a full check since my initial diagnosis. I have had three blood tests just to check the TSH level.... I am going to try and convince the doc at my next appointment.

  • Change him immediately. This was posted posted today:


  • Lilou295, Congratulations!

    NICE recommend the TSH of women planning conception and newly pregnant women should be in the low-normal range 0.4-2.0 with FT4 in the upper range.  Levothyroxine dose should be increased by 25-50mcg when pregnancy is confirmed.


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