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Hot flushes


Hi, again..sorry for all the posts..

I'm 26, and I keep getting hot flushes..I'm wondering if this is common with hypothyroidism.. people keep suggesting I'm having an early menopause..which I'm pretty sure it's not..but I just wondered if there's any women of child bearing age, who have hypothyroidism and also suffer with hot flushes.


P.s I appreciate everyone that's helped me so far!

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I don't know if it's normal/related or not but I always get hot flashes at night and I'm 33. 🤷

Michaela_l in reply to kk84

Like I'm sure it's because they haven't quite got my dosage right yet, but when people keep saying it, it starts to worry you. :s

Hi, I get them too. I’m 35, they started at 26! I’ve been tested for menopause many times and it’s not that. My dr told me it’s very common in hyperthyroidism and sometimes In hypothyroidism if your control hormone isn’t right as that is was controls the hypothalamus part of the brain which regulates temperature. If that’s malfunctioning Apparantly we get hot flushes and or shivers!

It's not been as bad since taking my levo at night, but still get them..and then like you say, shiver as well. I often get a weird feeling in my a pressure, or like a feeling something is above my eyes. I found crazy I know. The autoimmune aspect of it causes me to have inflamed sinuses, so I'm guessing it might be that. Constant blocked nose and ears.

Are you hypo or hyper?

When I’m just about to get a hot flush or after it I get weird feeling in my head which at first made Drs think it was a migraine and that was causing the hot flush but after all the hormone tests they really think it is the control hormone messing up the hypothalamus. There isn’t anything to take for it though. It’s so frustrating:( x

Glad it's not just me with the weird head thing. I find I can't really explain how it's just there. Some times my eyes go a bit weird with it, only briefly.

It’s not just you don’t worry xx I was given some homeopathic remedies to try to stop the hot flushes. The one o found to help a bit is called belladonna (pre mixed with water), Sometimes not always (i’dsay 40% of the time) it helps stop it in its tracks. Maybe give it a go? It’s aboit £11 for a bottle which lasts about a year x

Does it have any drug interactions or side effects? Have they done any blood tests regarding your hypothalamus? If I could stop the hot flushes and weird head thing I'd be very happy! Thanks for your help. X

The dr went through all my meds (I’m on loads) and said there weren’t any drug interactions so that was good news. Obviously it’s best for you to talk to a dr and check your meds would be ok. Homeopathic remedies are natural so I don’t think it should be a problem.

Yes They did hormone tests for my hypothalamus and found my hypothyroidism was causing the control hormone to malfunction so they’re about 98% sure that’s why I get hot flushes and cold shivers.

I’m glad to help as I had no one at all, been through so many tests and they only found this after two years of looking!! Good luck, please let me know how it all goes x

Thanks :) as for the belladonna, it looks like I won't be able to take it. Anyways, ye I'll let you know. I've been unwell for years and despite the fact im a registered health care professional, no one took me seriously. Anxiety and depression is what it was labelled as...a raised tsh, and positive tpo antibodies had nothing to do with it apparently! It ruined my wedding day and we cancelled our honeymoon.

Im not well read on the hypothalamus; I'm aware of the hormones it secretes etc, but what is the control hormone.


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