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I know everyone else in the world with hypothyroidism is freezing to death but I'm constantly hot, especially at night (no pun intended!) I'm not going to ask is this normal, because I've realised that nothing in my life is normal at the moment (and it's been so long since it has, I can't remember what normal actually feels like) so instead I'm just asking is anyone else roasting hot with UAT? I really don't want to be the only member of the sweaty Betty club :-)

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  • I am usually hot too. Especially at night. I sleep on top of the bed,with the windows wide open and often the ceiling fan running, even in February..

    I work outside at the moment and have been wearin short sleeved t shirts since April. Am amazed to see other people in coats.

    But despite being hot, I don't mind being in the sun. Even I think its odd! Have been hypo for over 25 years, Well past any menopause , tsh low but t3 and t4 in range. I'm on NdT..

    G x

  • Sweaty Betty here too. I have the dubious pleasure of having craniofacial hyperhidrosis as well as Hashis. Not sure if they are related or not but i wouldn't be surprised, everything else seems to be down to the Hashis! We moved out of the UK last year and I am struggling through a very hot week in Central Europe right now, the last 3 days it's been 100 degrees. Not fun!

  • Hi Moggy! I'm really hot at night too. Only happened in the last year. Before that i was always cold. Why would this be - anyone have any ideas?

  • I get very warm too, but I'm quite sensitive to heat and cold. Cannot sit in the sun without getting ill and the cold makes me feel horrible too. Lol, I reckon I'm part lizard really, temp has got be just right.

  • I feel hot all the time too. Even in winter I don't feel the cold much and I am underactive. The only time I can feel chilly is about 5ish in the morning, It can wake me up so on go the jammies and back to sleep. I can't stand being in the sun so stay in this country for my holidays although I do wish it would rain less.. Dry and cold suits me. I wish my other half was the same. Its a fight with the windows and heating. I want it off and the windows open. whereas he is just the opposite. I keep telling him I think he is under but he just laughs it off.

    Jo xx

  • I'm all extremes, either lying on top of the bed, or lying in bed with socks and 4 layers on......aaaaah! xxx

  • Yup, same this end - there seems to be no reason for the swings either. Mind you, I don't help myself much as I suffer quite a lot with air hunger and constantly feel there's not enough in the room so windows have to be open ALL THE TIME which means sometimes the room can be like an ice box!

  • Poor you, I seem to be extremes in general, either feeling 'not too bad really' or 'not too good really. Nothing in between.' Exhausting...hey ho...x

  • TabithaT, air hunger is a sign of under-medication. Originally I read this on the Dr Lowe site, which is not available at the moment, but here is a link to the same article on TPAUK.

  • Thank you, I shall read this with interest! My doctor is so keen to help but, as I had meningitis a little while ago, she thought it may be that had damaged my lungs so has been sending me for chest xrays and to see an asthma consultant - I'll certainly mention this to her in case it could be the answer, thanks again!

  • I am on levo , 20 yrs,

    It's as if I cant control my body temperature,

    in winter I can be out (for short time) without coat etc then in the house i cant stand the heat,. It seems to be if, i am moving walking etc i over heat, if i am sitting i am freezing.....

    BUT ALWAYS need a hot water bottle for my feet in bed along with bed socks otherwise the cramps come to play! :)

    mary x

  • I am male, so it's not menopause (the other thing it usually gets blamed on!) and have such a narrow tolerance for hot and cold... I am freezing at 19 deg C and boiling alive at 21, so the weather at the moment is starting to get pretty uncomfortable, at 21.5 deg now, I am sitting here with freezing feet and just beginning to sweat! Roll on July and August, bit of peace over the Autumn, then it's back to the frozen wastes! :-(

    Having other hormone/adrenal issues, I have long wondered whether Vasopressin is the the problem, but have never made any progress getting Endo/GP/Consultant Pharmacologist interested in trying to get to the bottom of it, it's hard enough getting blatantly sub-normal problems sorted, let alone more "subtle" things!

  • I feel cold all the time except at night when it feels as if I'm in a vilcanoe. Like many others the temperature can make me ill if too hot or too cold also have a problem with air conditioning so not much fun so no, you aren;t alone in Sweaty Bettys lol.

  • I'm generally cold but in the winter if I get my coat on and have to wait indoors for any time at all I feel like I might explode. Even though I'm usually freezing and must get my coat on and buttoned up before I venture out (otherwise it will take me ages to warm up), if I stand indoors all bundled up for more than a few minutes I get a sudden desperate feeling of suffocation, like I might tear my clothes off. Warm weather doesn't really bother me though, just having too many clothes on.

    I noticed this only started after my t4 was raised to a more normal dose. Before that I didn't generally have a problem with being overdressed and was rarely too hot.

  • Defo not alone, I to will jump on the Sweaty Betty bandwagon. I'm 42 and get horrendous night sweats, thought mayb I was starting the menopause early, cos let's face it anything can happen wit this dodgy body. Diagnosed hypo so I was waiting for the chills to start, and nothin, just heat!!!! I hv noticed tho I am quite sensitive to the cold, if my feet get cold or wet, then that's it, my joints in my legs and feet ache, and they will refuse to warm up unless I hv a warm shower or bath!!!! Ah the joys x

  • Not alone Moggy1. I seem to be able to stand the cold more than most people since being treated with Levo, but cannot tolerate heat, especially at night, though well past menopause. I suspect there is a another hormonal connection though, especially as the men are suffering too. I also find it difficult to adjust to our unpredictable temperatures from day to day,

  • Another sweaty betty here...The only time I feel comfortable is when there is snow on the ground and even then the chances are I will have a fan on at night!!! And trust me I used to cope with humidity/heat after living in Florida and California. This lack of my body coping really effects me and my day to day life and is just another crappy symptom of this awful illness!!!!!

  • I was excessively hot from the age of thirty to the age of sixty. Never hot flushes - just always overheated.

    I am plesed to say that is one symptom that is now better!

  • Thanks for all your replies - I'm really sorry you're all suffering too but also glad it's not just me :-)

  • .....I had an awful time last summer in the heat of Crete and blamed the humidity. Ummm ! Advice was needed. I consulted Dr P and I was weaned off the T4 having been taking T4/T3 combo for a few months. Since last October I have been taking just T3. Can honestly say that my tolerance of heat so far this year has been far better except when I am doing house chores ! I did feel as if I was thyro-toxic and something was out of balance. Oestrogen dominance was also intimated and I went back on Progesterone Cream. D3 also increased when I learnt of its positive effects on all in all it is difficult to isolate one thing - but I am certainly feeling better - more balanced perhaps ?!

    Hope you soon feel coooooooooool ! xx

  • I thought with hypo you would be cold all the time I am still trying to get diagnosed I find I am constantly sweating not just at night though it is worse then. It is not like normal sweating it is mainly from my head and chest and when it comes on I get a bit breathless I am sure my gp will say it is the menopause but I am sure it is not.

  • me too I sweat.. but even when cold! I have always felt the cold terribly, but sweat in the office and a lot at night.. head and chest ,the same.. but I'm not hot.. I'm just sweating... and Hypo symptoms say "inability to sweat" so.. not sure what it is.. we should maybe have a think about this.. is it a medication side effect?

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