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Has anyone been treated by Dr Jens Rohrbeck in Bristol?

Hi, I am exploring treatment options due to lack of understanding from GP. I was told I have subclinical hypothyroidism. I have raised anti bodies so thought this was Hashimotos? I'm not sure whether to see an endrocrinologist or a doctor who practices functional medicine. I would appreciate any advice and feedback on Dr Rohrbeck if anyone has any experience. Thank you

Replies via Private Messages please in line with posting guideline #24, thank you, Clutter.

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Nik, if you care to post your recent thyroid results with lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results) members will be pleased to advise/comment.



Just found your post. I am also thinking of seeing Dr Rohrbeck. Did you ever get any replies back to your question? Did you ever go and see him?


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