The petition is doing well, but could still do better

Here we go motoring on towards 5,000, the signatures are coming in a steady stream, however it is sad that 17,000 on here are not signing it and recruiting others. I know I bang on about it but 17,000 with all passing it to ten people would generate 170,000 signatures, as easy as that, do we care about having a choice of treatment that would make many of us return to better health and make GP's less reluctant to send us away with the wrong treatment. I care!

Twitter, Facebook, other forums, email contact list.... to relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbours etc.


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  • Thanks Mary. I'd missed that somehow. Signed :)

  • Please if you can, as per above post, as well as signing, could you pass on for further signatures. MaryFx

  • I am ready to go now with my flyers Mary.My local Art shop/ printers have reduced the A4s of the government petition and the Thyroid UK poster to A5s side by side on an A 4 and printed me out 20 copies for £1.80.which I can fold and hand them out to everyone I know ,but don't communicate with on line.that's going to be a lot of people,so just hope they will do their bit for us and I will ask them to pass them on to someone else who they think will support us.....we can only try.Now I have the format I can keep printing as many as I need.let's hope I can contribute to a further rise in numbers X

  • Awwww! Thanks sooooo much! :) :)

    Can I send you the conference flyer too...!? ;) xx

  • Hi yes do... will circulate later. MaryFx

  • Hi Louise......not sure what you are asking me to do? Let me know.......

    Do you want me to take it to the printer ? X

  • Hi Marfit

    Could I pop some conference flyers in the post to you please..?

    You sound like a 'go-to' kinda gal! :) x



  • By all means do.X

    I know I'm now reaching out to people who are not much aware of thyroid issues but may be asking a few questions when they see the thyroid poster! ...I showed it to a friend a while ago who said ......oh we all get those sort of things as we get doesn't have to be thyroid. which I'd soon know something was wrong if you had it!!

    We must try any way we can to get the message across.I will give those to people who I know have thyroid problems but haven't joined the On line support group......Unfortunately I think there are many people who are wary of learning too much!!

  • Got some leaflets I can send too which might help...! ;)

    Please can you drop me a message/email to remind me of your 'real' name.. Sorry, I'm completely useless at remembering that...! :(



  • I bet you do get more. MaryFx

  • Tried to sign it - just in case I hadn't already - but I was told I couldn't sign it again. Have forwarded the link to as many friends as I could, so fingers crossed some of them might sign it.

    Like you say Mary, if everyone here on HU and TUK signed it we would have had it done and dusted weeks ago.

    No one can say you haven't done your best Mary :-)

  • I think we would all agree with that! :) xx

  • Just to check - are the 17,000 on the HealthUnlocked forum or are there 17,000 paid up members of ThyroidUK? (I'm not sure if the two are synonymous.) If the former, then maybe not everyone follows the forum discussions, which would account for the lack of response; if the latter, have they been informed about the petition through the newsletter/other printed and digital means? I'm not a full member so don't know how widely this is being promoted.

    Given the strength of feeling about the issues the petition raises, it is very surprising that there has been such a poor uptake. Or maybe people don't want their personal details made known?


  • The membership on here is what I was referring to, anyone can be on here without being a paid member, and by post to the paid up members I am sure the petition gets a mention. MaryFx

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