Louise Warvill's E petition - don't forget to sign and spread

Hi people

6969 people have signed Louise's government e-petition asking for funding for research into T3 and NDT. 7000 would sound so much better. or 8000. Health minister Jeremy Hunt is one of the few government ministers who listens to the public - he got the Saatchi Bill, about experimental treatments for cancer through the Commons.

If we don't make our voices heard, no one'll listen.



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  • Agreed which is why I regularly post it everywhere, however collectively people if possible should be prepared to circulate it via friends, relatives, work colleagues, and neighbours, via Facebook, or similar, and their email lists... as just saying signed, is not always enough. We all need to help. Imagine if all twenty thousand people on here signed and also recruited 5 people each! The result would be 100,000 signatures. I know I ramble on like Granny's worst cracked record but this is important if we all want fair change for our vile conditions. MaryF

  • I think you may be the lady I'm talking to on Facebook. You go, girl!

  • As if I would ever be on there etc etc, drone wibble. MaryFx

  • I've signed twice, using 2 different email addresses, once with my first name, once with my middle name! They were both accepted. Also keep sending on the link to everyone I email; I'm doing my best!

  • I know its an e petition, as I said to louise if only we could include paper signatures,i personally could manage more than I ever could on fb etc.

  • Maybe next time... :) x

  • Ooh er - 7 off 7000!

    I admit to hounding my family for their email addresses - they have to agree and confirm of course!

    For a good cause - I wonder if it's partly hereditary? J :D


    (5 whole months to go yet!)

  • were is the link to sign it

  • Here you are, my lovely! epetitions.direct.gov.uk/pe...

  • thank you :-) x

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