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Can't taste anything?

Hi, I'm awaiting second scan from endo referal and if they find anything suspect will do fna. In the mean time endo has said that I have two small nodules that have been picked up from previous us scan and that they are too small to investigate.

Endo says my tsh and anti bodies is normal he has also done t3 or t4 ( huge said both not necessary). So it seems I have this smooth goitre and nodules but what I don't understand is that I seem to have some other symptoms. For example I can't really taste things at the moment is this normal and related...? I mean I can taste salty sweet spicy but everything tastes bland?

I don't want to self diagnose etc but if my blood ranges are normal etc and I'm not hypo or hyper as endo has said why have I got this and is there any natural meds that I can take myself or is acupuncture etc recommended?

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Loopyboo, can you post your recent thyroid results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results) as it help members to comment.

I experience periodic episodes where cooked food tastes unpleasantly sour and tomatoey for a few weeks. This only happened post thyroidectomy and happens still, even though I'm optimally medicated.

Loss of taste can be due to loss of smell. If that's okay you may want to have your dentist check that your oral health is good.


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