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Supporting adrenals with iodine before using T3

I am wondering if anyone has some thoughts on this. I know some doctors use HC or lugols solution before they start a patient on T3. Apparently if the adrenals are not working then T3 tends to either not work or make the adrenal fatigue worse. I am on T3 and notice that I am a bit shaky but still exhausted all the time, low blood pressure and have extreme nausea and dizziness every time I exercise (light exercise like tai qi as I cant do anything else). Is this a sign that my adrenals need to be treated? If so how do I proceed with the T3? Leave as is or reduce the dose?

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NEVER take iodine if you even think you have a thyroid problem!! Its deadly!!

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Susanni, I have never heard of anyone supporting adrenals with iodine. Iodine is necessary for the thyroid gland to make thyroid hormones, but supplementing it is a thorny question. It can do more harm than good. And certainly never do it unless you have had a test that proves you are deficient.

I don't know if nausea is a symptom of low adrenals, but I believe dizzyness is. However, you can test your cortisol to make sure. (Sorry, can't give advice on testing in the UK as I don't live there.)

To support your adrenals you need to take Vit C and an adequate amount of salt in your food. Some people even take salt in a glass of water to help their adrenals! But I don't fancy that. lol

As for HC, again there is controversy. I can only tell you my story. I was prescribed 40 mcg in the morning and 20 at midday. Some people think this is an excessive dose. I was told I could take extra if I felt I needed it but never to take it after 2 pm because the adrenals could shut down completely if I did. I was told that the idea was just to give the adrenals a helping hand at their busiest time until they were rested and recovered but not to supplement them 100% because of the danger of them shutting down, in which case they would never work again. However, a lot of people think you should take HC throughout the day to mimic the workings of the gland, as you might with T3.

So, I followed the instructions I was given and it worked. My adrenals recovered and I was able to stop the HC with no repercussions. I don't know what happens to people who take it throughout the day when they try to come off it.

This is not a recommendation, just my experience. Ideally you should find someone who knows how to treat adrenals and see what they think. I know people like Dr S and Dr P recommend Nutri-adrenal, but I have never tried that so can't give an opinion.

Good luck, and don't do anything hasty! OK? lol

Hugs, Grey


Thanks Grey. I found the Lugols suggestion in Mark Starrs book - Hypothyroidism Type 2. He uses this instead of HC for patients with mild adrenal fatigue first for a few weeks before using NDT.

I really dont know if my cortisol is high or low so not sure how to treat. I am takign B vits and 10 g of C per day. I dont know if ACE is the answer or ACE as I dont know what to do with the cortisol - saliva is all normal although low, low, high, high but all within range but in jan I had a urine and blood test that showed high. Will the T3 not work if the cortisol is too low or too high too? I dont want to lower if too low and raise if too high. Very confused as to what to do here.

Thank you


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