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T4 with T3

I've been on T4 levythyroxine and never felt right. Exhausted most of time and low moods. I was on 100mg daily. So have sourced T3 and with endos advise was taking 75mg levy with 12.5 mg T3 at 5am then 12.5mg T3 again at midday to 1pm.

Was feeling ok t now heart rate too fast and getting thumping and pressure type sensation in chest. So reduced to 50mg T4 and kept same T3. This did t help so now reduced T3 by half again.

Is there a rough guide as to balanced T4 and T3 ratio wise ????

I'm so confused I don't know,what to do as havent slept longer than an hour at a time for 3 nights now,

I've asked for tests with doc but he says my iron and adrenals are fine. How can I get a test done elsewhere that isn't too expensive. Can anyone advise

I feel better since adding T3 but something is off. And I don't know where to turn to.

I am located in Brighton so if anyone can recommend a doc or endo I can contact who may actually understand what is going on other than what it says on my results.

Any help or advise would be so gratefully received.

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You may be taking too much T3. If you can't persuade your GP to check TSH, FT4 and FT3 you can order them privately from Blue Horizon or Genova via


Thank you

I have left message for consultant to call me....and I wil ask for more tests


Thyroidsknackered I agree with Clutter. My first thought was too much T3. It's best to start very low, say 1/4 of a tablet, and increase gradually, adjusting Levo as necessary, until you find the right balance of Levo and T3 for you.

You definitely need to test because you need to keep FT3 within range.

If you only want TSH, FT4 and FT3 (with no antibodies or vitamins and minerals) then the Thyroid Plus 3 is £49 with Blue Horizon . Medichecks do the same 3 tests for the same price but I think if you go with Blue Horizon then Thyroid UK gets a small donation.

How does your GP know your iron and adrenals are fine? Have they been tested?

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My ferritin was tested and in range

But he just says my adrenals are ok. Think again another blood test done. But I just can't take it all in.

This is all so frustrating.

I feel so much better with T3 added ....feel normal and more energised. Just think I've taken too much.

Going to cut pull into quarters

Should I take at same time as levythyroxine T4 or later in day around midday


Currently I take 18.75mcg T3. 12.5mcg with my Levo in the early hours of the morning. 6.25mcg during the afternoon. I've always split mine since increasing from 1/4 tablet but we are all different and have to find what suits us best.

By the way, 'in range' doesn't mean much. The range for my ferritin test was 20-150. 21 is in range, 149 is in range, but I would feel vastly different at each of those levels. Absolute minimum needed for thyroid hormone to work is 70. With any range ferritin should be half way.

If he hasn't tested adrenals he can't say they're fine. Thyroid, adrenals, sex hormones are all linked. I didn't know my cortisol was top of range nor my DHEA under range until I was tested, nor did I know my sex hormones were virtually non existent until tested. I thought it was all down to my thyroid. l had private tests done as these things don't seem to matter to doctors. They're all being addressed now, along with me sorting my meds and vitamins and minerals, and things are better than they were a year ago, no thanks to my GP.

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Thank you

Just starting to look up companies who do,this testing,


Blue Horizon do ferritin as part of some of their Thyroid bundles.

Genova do a 24 hour saliva adrenal profile test which is thought to be better than a blood test.


Ok will look up

Thank you


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