Start of T3 journey - considering adrenals

Finally took the plunge on Friday with approx 6.25mcg T3 with my 100 mcg levo. Seems ok just now. However, I did some research about the adrenal/thyroid link and am considering testing adrenals and I'm wondering how they are impacting on my over all thyroid health. I've only had my coristol tested once in Feb 2012 when it was 372 (119 - 618). If I recall correctly - this was an early appt with the endo. If I am understanding this correctly - cortisol should be at the top of the range early in the morning (STTM) and diminish through the day? Have found a few home tests which I will try over the week end, but wondered what experience others have? Maybe I should take one step back to make sure I don't stress my system? What do you think folks? Thx :-)

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LKA, STTM is discussing 4 x cortisol saliva testing which gives levels throughout the day. The results can't be compared with a serum cortisol test which shows circulating cortisol level at the time of blood draw.

An adrenal crisis can be precipitated when thyroid replacement is started, but you've been taking 100mcg Levothyroxine for some time without an adrenal crash so there's no need to back of adding T3. which is basically a thyroid replacement dose increase.

Hi Clutter okey dokey........ it's the sweats when I do anything physical for more than 5 minutes which is really bugging me......wondered if it was adrenal? Don't believe it is the 'change' as was stripped of estrogen from 4 years on Arimidex. Unless I am being a numpty......... Hoping T3 will make some difference? Thx K

...I too have the sweatiest head with dripping hair on exertion. Am in my 4th year of T3....not wishing to be negative :-) In young babies/children a sweaty head indicates VitD deficiency ! However I am replete with that one - well in the blood anyway !

I do live in Crete so am happy to be enjoying the cooler days !

....also T3 along with VitC is supporting the adrenals well....

Hi Marz, have been taking vit C 1000mg "chewy sweeties" :-) for some time. Good to know I'm still on the right track. Found a recipe for adrenal cocktail also .......that has been mentioned in a post on here before. thx. K

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