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Low b12 not Pa anyone know anything?

Hi, bit of background. Went to gp last September with increasing muscle pain/weakness/numbness, extreme fatigue, brain fog, confusion amongst other things. Barrage of blood tests and diagnosed hyper Dec, endo prescribed 10mg carbimazole in feb, reduced to 5mg in may. Symptoms increasingly getting worse. Also found to have low vit d so after initial high dose I'm currently on maintenence. Had emg/nerve conduction studies which show normal. Currently having lots of blood tests at rheumatology with no results yet. Heart ultrasound done due to murmur, currently waiting results. B12 was 203 in Dec (range 190-900) I asked Dr if it was worth taking and was told no, B12 beginning of June 172, Dr ordered gastric paretal cell antibody test. Results yesterday came back ok but receptionist booked me 6 B12 injections over next 2 weeks and said I'll need them every 12 weeks (didn't say how long for) my Dr's on holiday for another week so I can't get any answers and wondered if anyone on here could help please. If the blood test came back ok, how come I have to have injections and not tablets? And does anyone know why I wasn't started on these straight away but had to wait for results of antibody test? I'm wondering if receptionist was wrong and I do in fact have PA? My mother in law has it so I know a little about it (not lots) any ideas anyone? Thanks x

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It was because your B12 was too low. It was low to begin with in your first blood test but because you were 'in range' no meds were given. Now you are really low you need injections to bring your B12 up. I doubt many doctors know how important Vit B12 is, especially for our neurological/nerve functions. It is a pro-hormone not just a vitamin.

A member who has hyperthyroidism will most probably give you some advice as I am hypo.

Always get copies of your blood tests from the surgery with the ranges for your own records and so that you can post if you have a query. Ignore any phrase with 'normal' in it. That can have disastrous consequences for many.


Thank you, I can't work out why they didn't start me on the injections after my blood test at the beginning of June. My Dr can get ready when she's back of holiday :-) I think I'm going to request a copy of all of them and look into things further. I'm fed up of feeling like this and getting nowhere :-( I'll post them on here as everyone is very helpful and much more knowledgeable than my gp! Thanks x


Sadly docs go by the ranges - so if 180 is the bottom of the range and you are 181 you will not receive treatment - at 179 you may. :-)

The above link will give you all the information you will require to help you and you will be better informed than your Doc.... Sadly we have to read and learn for ourselves in order to find wellness....


She didn't give you injections earlier as you were 'within the range'. Your bloods for B12 should come up quickly with injections but you will have to keep the B12 up and you may have to do that with sublingual tablets or spray. If you do it has to be methylcobalamin B12 not cyanocobalamin B12. If you are not feeling well with your reduction of carbizamole, phone your Endos secretary and ask if it is normal for you to feel unwell again.

It's a sad state for those of us with a thyroid gland function, we have to read and learn as much as possible in order to try and recover our health. Many do o.k. but there is no reason why we cannot have optimum health.


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