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Update on low B12 levels and anti-intrinsic factor results

In response to my letter to my GP about my low B12 levels (182 ng/L) (see if anyone is interested), I’ve been able to have anti-intrinsic factor, Methylmalonic Acid (MMA) and homocysteine tests done. This couldn’t be done at the nurse, so had to go to the hospital to have them done because apparently the homocysteine blood sample needs to be put on ice and sent to the lab within minutes.

My anti-intrinsic factor is negative, but the GP mentioned the results of the “weird” [sic] tests I had asked for (MMA/hcy) hadn’t come back yet. Apparently this was the first time the GP had requested these tests through general practice, and mentioned while the contents of my letter (see link) were interesting, he knew most of it already and didn’t really hold much regard for the additional tests.

Curiously he mentioned a second B12 result, even though I don’t recall seeing B12 listed on the blood request form. This was allegedly 202 ng/L (180-1000), tested one month after the previous test. The only thing I think I have changed is I’m now taking 4,000IU of Vitamin D as opposed to 2,000IU previously.

So I’m unsure now what to do whilst I await the results from the other tests. It’s clear I’m not going to get injections, should I just start supplementing now and see what happens? It’s confusing since is the low b12 because of deficiency, or is this simply the cause of a bigger problem? I’m still thinking about removing my 8 or so dental amalgams, to eliminate that as a problem, but this whole thing just sends me in a spin.

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could it be you have Helicobactor infection

Coeliac Disease

i seriously doubt removing your amalgam fillings will help

what about the use of Aluminium cookware or non stick coated

Aluminium being used to treat water supplies

Flouride added to water supplies

Check these out first and foremost


Possibly, I am keeping all options open.

Removing the fillings might not help, but I think its best to get rid of them anyway.


make very very sure they are removed using correct rubber dam techniques and take loads of vitC and MSM afterwards to clear mercury from the body


I'm well impressed that you managed to get MMA and homocysteine done by the GP, that must be a first. Perhaps the new guidelines are getting through to some of them? I hope so. You could start supplementing, but is there any way of making sure that the blood samples were viable first? It would be a shame if they needed to repeat the tests for any reason and you'd supplemented. Maybe hang on? I remember my agonising wait for the MMA result, it does take ages.

Bear in mind that the IF Abs test is only 50% accurate so you could still have Antibody Negative PA (Ab Neg PA). I was also negative for that one, but positive for PC Abs.

Can't remember exactly what your folate and ferritin results were, but if you do decide to take a B12 supplement make sure you take a B Complex too and extra folic acid or methylfolate if your levels are low. Plus iron if your ferritin is low.

I'm mostly over here with lots of very knowledgeable folks so come join if you want any more advice:


I meant to say (in fact I could have sworn I wrote it and it disappeared!) that if your MMA or homocysteine does come back elevated you must insist on jabs, as per the guidelines. Also bear in mind that the top of the homocysteine range is usually about 15, but actually a healthy level is more like 7.


Not sure if you will actually read this now hamster, since it’s taken me ages to reply - sorry about that! But I wanted to say thanks for your reply, as always lots of useful information.

I'm not actually sure if the GP ordered the tests purely to prove I don't have B12 problems once and for all (and so get rid of me), or even if he read my letter and ordered the tests not actually know what they were. He didn't seem to know that the homocysteine needed to be put on ice (I didn't know either), and so had to be done at the hospital, so possibly there is an element of truth to both.

I've just checked again now and my results still haven't come in, so I think I will wait a bit longer before I start taking anything. Hopefully the results will prove either way, since I get the impression that the doctor doesn't really want to run any more tests.

Ferritin was 116ug/l (no range provided) and folate was 5ug/l (again no range). I only found out it was a fasting test in the morning, so while I had no breakfast, I did go out for a meal the previous night. Probably finished eating a rather nice Venison burger around 9ish, so not sure if that would of affected anything.

Thanks for the information about the levels - I shall await the results and see what happens then. It's all a bit confusing trying to identity what the root cause of the low levels, rather than just address the symptoms and take pills.


Don't know if this is 100% true, but I read that it is safer to leave amalgams in place rather than have them removed, which can cause you to ingest a lot of mercury.


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