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Endo visit

Thanks to everyone on this community, your advice and help come in handy every time. Since my last post, I went gluten free and feel much better!

I have just seen the endocrinologist and he prescribed t3 10mcg? With levothroxine reduced to 15mcg. Any ideas best way to start taking it? I am ever so grateful for all the advice, I normally read everything that's posted daily and I gives insight to this horrible disease!

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Tarzan, that's very good news :) Just take the 10mcg T3 with your T4. It's unlikely you'll feel hyper but if you do cut the 10mcg and take 5mcg with your T4 and the other 5mcg 4/6 hours later.

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Thank you clutter, will do


I was given 20 mcg and a pill cutter as the pharmacy didn't have 10


There is only one licensed T3 tablet in the UK - 20 mcg Mercury Pharma Liothyronine. Therefore it is nothing to do with your pharmacy not having 10 mcg - none of them do!

In fact, 10 mcg is rare. 5, 20 25, 50 and 100 seem to be the most common around the world.

Why medics write prescriptions and pharmacists hand the pills out without both having explained it to the patient, I don't know.



interesting, thank you Helvella.


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