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TSH under levels considered high in UK but suffering symptoms. What can I do?

I have had my thyroid tested by my GP and informed it's 'normal' but when I asked for the actual numbers I learned my TSH is 3.31. I know this is in the normal range for UK guidelines but I've read that advocacy groups have an issue with those ranges as in the USA 3.0 is generally accepted as the top of normal. I am suffering the symptoms of hypothyroidism, including high cholesterol, and my mum has hypothyroidism and I know it can be genetic (I'm 32). Is there anything I can do about this? I can (just about) afford to see a private Dr., would that help? Can I make my NHS GP send me to an endocrinologist? Would that help? Like many here I'm really confused and frustrated.

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Is it possible for you to have a private consultation? Some doctors will prescribe for clinical symptoms, especially as well that you have hypo in the family.

If you email she has a list of NHS Endos/private doctors (although GP may not refer you to NHS Endo if he has ignored your clinical symptoms and goes only by the TSH. Once you are diagnosed, I doubt the GP can refuse to prescribe.

Hope you feel better soon.


Just to help reassure you, you are hypothyroid. It' NOT all in your head. Stay confident and strong. If you see one of the doctors on Louise's list, hopefully you will get treatment and get your life back.

Let us know how you get on :)

Carolyn x


Can you afford an appointment to see Dr P? His clinic dates are here

I saw him in April and he was very helpful. The initial consultation fee includes follow-up advice by letter. I've written twice since I went and both times received helpful replies, with no extra fee.


Thank you all! I will definitely follow up on all the suggestions and hopefully find a medical professional who will actually help me :)/

And thank you sooo much CarolynB, when I read your message reassuring me that I do have hypothyroidism and it's not all in my head, I literally started crying with relief (in the middle of Waterloo station too! Oh well...). I really needed to hear that.

I will let you all know how it goes :)





Carolyn is right about hypo. Before the TSH blood test became the norm for diagnosing thyroid gland problems. Patients were treated and dosed according to clinical symptoms,of which I think many doctors nowadays are ignorant and thus so many remain ill/undiagnosed/unmedicated.


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