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Advice in my latest results please. As usual, the first people I come to for advice are Thyroid UK and the team!

Latest results.

TSH: 0.05. Range: 0.27 - 4.20 mU/L

FT4: 9.70. Range: 12 - 22 pmol/L

FT3: 4.30. Range: 4.0 - 6.8 pmol/L.

I'm currently taking 50mg Levothyroxine first thing in the morning then 20mg Liothyronine 2 doses, one at noon the other at 20mg around 4pm.

I suffer with bouts of sheer exhaustion and weight gain. I'm an activity person and conscious of what in eating so feel a little robbed that I'm playing by the rules yet still experiencing the same old problems. I'm under no illusions here and know that the symptons above are part and parcel of an underactive thyroid however woukd like some advice with regards to the above results, do they appear ok? If that's the case I will 'get on with it'. If this is as good as it gets then it's time to stop over thinking this and go with feeling exhausted at times and managing these periods!

As always, thank you for helping. Kay xx

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Yep, that's about where my results were on 50 t4 and 20 t3. Previous to this I was on 100. T4 and 20 t3. Dropping the t4 just made my free t4 under range, but made no difference to how I felt or my free t3. ( It cheered up the appalling endo though)

I gave up and moved to self medicating on natural thyroid. I still have the same sort of results, low end t4, l supressed tsh, but my free t3 is top end, or just over. But I feel fine. The weight is not going on, but not coming off at any great rate either. It did for a while but has levelled out again. I took hc for a while, after a saliva test but am no longer on it. The NDT seems to be dealing well with everything and tiredness in the day is a distant memory.


Hi Kay,

Your Ft4 is below range & your ft3 is at the bottom of the range. TSH will always be suppressed as your are taking a T3 TSH is not much use once on meds! In my humble opinion ( I am not a medic) but your look like you need to increase your dose both for your T4 and T3 meds.....but start with increasing your levo first. You need to aim for your Ft4 & Ft3 to be near to the top or at the top of the range. Why don't you increase your levo to 75mcg? You might want tot experiment with taking some of your T3 in the morning too.


Thank you to both galathea and waveylines, honestly I value the opinions of you all on here and I'm getting a honest response. I think I'm going to increase my dose in the first instance to see of that helps in any way before embarking on the natural thyroid route, oh how I wish for an endo with a smile :)

Thanks again, I will keep updating on here as usual.


Why would you think you have to 'get on with it'? If you feel ill then get the doctor to raise your meds, by any means at all!! Blood tests mean very little, they are only part of the picture and a very small part at that!! They are not reliable to how you feel.


Thanks Glynisrose, agreed! Just the nudge I needed. :)


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