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reversing hashimotos



I havent tried this yet , it looks like a reasonable start ..


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You're sounding more confident and less panicky, Astro. Hope you're feeling a bit better now.


Thankyou Clutter( one of the many wise earth angels on this site)

Ive had a few good days , and thanks to the antihistamines not so many(really frightening) attacks,: )

However still the palpitations, and the buzzy blood or tremors, and still the achy joints and still walking with a stick, up all night and no energy,, getting used to it now. But i cant wait to see the endocrinologist ,,this Thurs.

, he may have some answers, and since its a university hospital , im hoping hes not as ignorant as my Gp..Ive been eating sensibly,not made as many bad mistakes but ive got to say coconut pro biotic yoghurt helps.

But ive got to say, reading reports that other have managed to reverse Hashimotos ,there's a light maybe at the end of a long tunnel but a light never the less..still not fit for walking work yet but

relieved that am not having so many attacks. Having more panic attacks in the day that shocked me as i m not that sort of a person!! however I Thank you for your honesty and understanding, and compassion.


thankyou -



THANKYOU , and i wish everyone suffering with this disgusting disease all the best and some relief at some point ,x

best wishes to all



Izabella Wentz (American pharmacist) has reversed her Hashimoto's. I first saw her lecture on the Thyroid Summit. he has an excellent website with free downloads. An active Facebook page. A lovely Hashimoto's husband video...very moving.

Izabella is now living in Amsterdam.



Magdelena Wszelaki has overcome both Hashimoto's and Graves. Another excellent website with her own story, diet tips etc. Also video clips.

She also featured on the Thyroid Summit and presented a moving and positive approach to her own on-going healing.


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