Reversing Autoimmune Disease

For those dealing with autoimmune conditions this might be of interest. Sean Croxton interviews Sarah Ballantyne on the Paleo approach to reversing autoimmune disease. PR

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  • Would love to listen to it but first I must get over that voice. Sorry it's painful ! Thanks for posting. The bone broth reminds me of GAPS...but there is always some new little nugget of information hiding away in every new bit of information :-)

    Thank you....

  • I believe Paleo would help and is the best way to live but unfortunately without carbs I get chronic constipation :-(

  • Paleo had reached 2.0 or 3.0 and is more adaptable to various needs. I would suggest exploring Chris Kresser and his concept of the paleo template, or the Jaminets at The Perfect Health Diet, . PR

  • I have Hash's and have started to read Robb Wolf "the Paleo Solution" Think I will be giving the diet a trial. Robb makes sense to me

  • Robb is a well known name in Paleo circles, please let us know how you get on. PR

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