Pill cutter, where to get one?

Could anybody recommend where to buy a decent pill cutter? I don't want to buy something that isn't going to work properly! I've seen plenty on ebay - are they all the same sort of thing? Thanking you kindly :)

Looks like a possibility? amazon.co.uk/Safe-Sound-Pil...

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  • Boots have several, my came from there and it's never failed me for a few pounds.

  • Thanks Hypnoteq x

  • Yes me too.The ordinary white one in Boots is fine.I don't know how good the de luxe one is so can't comment on whether it is worth paying extra.

  • Thank for that. Do you mean this one? boots.com/en/Safe-Sound-ext... They have several :)

  • That's not mine, mine is a bit more elegant in shape lol, but the principal is the same. My partner also recently bought one, it's working fine. They also do one that cuts and crushes too, if you need that option. :-)

  • I bought mine from Boots and I haven't had much success .That could be down to Activis being crumbly though !I spend ages lining it up but it never cuts 50/50 .

  • Hi I have a boots cutter and also one from lloyds pharmacy both work well I .agree activis is difficult to cut but Almus is ok ,strange as they are made by same company.


  • Hi there again...my pill cutter is the same as Slj 1970 's one in her reply to you.

    Safe Sound EXTRA ....£2.99 I find it easy to use. Hope this helps.

  • Use a scalpel, best thing ever

  • ebay.co.uk/itm/171280123394... - I bought this - it's very good.

  • Ok I just bought this one to add to my collection of many pill cutters, Swiss Army knife, Stanley blade, nail clippers......

  • I nicked a blade from my hubbers Stanley knife, works great. I have bought more pill cutters that Stanley has pills, and all are rubbish. My pills are tiny and I try to be exact, the blade is good. My pill cutter always cut crooked. If you find the daddy of all pill cutters let me know tho. :-)

  • I also use a stanley blade and have found it to be the best

  • Sip, I just bought Pillmate pill cutter £2.99 from a pharmacy and it's excellent. This was recommended by a poster this morning ebay.co.uk/itm/171280123394...

  • Thanks for the suggestions :) x

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