Ankle and lower leg swelling since taking NDT

I am lowering my dose again in case I have gone too high too fast. Does anyone else have ankle/feet swelling issues. It hurts too. Recently had full blood count and all normal. Vit D needs doing again as sample leaked, and ferritin was 35 ng ml, which according to some, as far as I can make out, is below optimal although in standard range...12 - 150.

I don't have any other hyper issues right now. Temp still low and heart rate still bobbing around the sixty above and below mark. I think I felt too energized at 2.5 grains - wanted to keep my body going all day - and heart rate went up for a short while after taking but dropped to low again in the evenings. I noticed something about T4 pooling and wondered if I need to go up slower. Confused.

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  • Hi hellbell

    I'm sorry you are having a problem with swelling and you're worried you've gone up too fast with NDT. This is a link if you've not already seen it:-

    Usually, swelling is a clinical symptom of hypothyroidism.

  • Thanks very much Shaws :) Will check it out now, Yes, I thought it was too but aslo found info about it with hyper. Seems strange it's happened since using thyroid hormone.

  • Get your GP to check you out as oedema is also common in other conditions.

  • I will. I had recent bloods done and Kidneys fully filtrating. I am also dxd with FM.

  • You may be interested in this link:-

  • Thanks again Shaws. I wish he was still her but he did leave a full legacy of help. I haven't read these Q and A's thanks again

  • The best one-stop response I have seen to myxedema yet. Thanks again

  • Here is another link.. Maybe you need a slight increase in meds:-

  • I'm feeling more confident about going back up again, thanks. I think I'll move back to where I was in split doses...maybe. Yes, feet, ankles and legs, plus my tummy too. I think I had it on my stomache and hips for while thinking it was ordinary fat...but it's to wobbly, now conditioned worsened.

  • I can still use it as leverage to get my heart checked out again, I guess.

  • Just read your profile Shaws. Very encouraging. I'm on Naturethroid too. Self medicating, alas, as my gp will not hear of it.

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