Can't source Almus (actives)

After my recent hospital admission due to high blood pressure and the terrible last couple of weeks being over medicated, the consultant at the hospital asked me last week to cut out my 100 mcg thyroxine and start again on Tuesday on 75mcg, which I did after he faxed my GP with a new prescription. My GP wrote the script as 3x 25mcg each morning.

After being back up at the acute medical clinic for two hours yesterday having more bloods / BP / 24 hour urine samples etc...the nurse phoned me later in in the day to say my TSH was now 0.4 (normal range) and my FT4 was now 16.6 (11.5-22.7) ... No FT3 looking like midway. Clearly stopping the thyroxine for 4 days not only brought my heart rhythm to a normal pace but brought my TFTs in normal range?

However, since then, I have tried two pharmacies in my home town, and they themselves have tried 3 pharmacies (Lloyds, Rowlands and Boots) to source my usual brand of Almus levothyroxine and no one can source it at all in 25mcg. Really? The whole North West?

I know from other postings on here that say not to change brands but both can only supply Mercury Pharma....I know some of you have said it has made you unwell.

I am really concerned as I am not out of the woods yet from last week's thyroid crisis and for the last 3 days I have had to cut up my own 100mcg in half and the remaining half into a quarter to make up my own 75mcg but this is not ideal in the long term.

I feel caught now between a rock and a garden place and don't have an option therefore but to take the new brand. This is now ideal in the light of the fact that I am now officially diagnosed with hypertension and have had to start on 2 blood pressure medications and have not settled on the correct dosage with either of these.

At least the consultant wants to see me in Tuesday this week so I will let you know how it goes.

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I believe Wockhardt are the only licensed suppliers of 25mcg levothyroxine in the UK. Wockhardt has less fillers than Mercury Pharma and Actavis so it's unlikely you will have problems. 75mcg scrips are usually fulfilled by 50mcg Actavis or MP and 25mcg Wockhardt. If you want to stick with Actavis ask your GP to prescribe 2 x 50mcg Actavis and cut one tablet in half.

Mercury Pharma also supply 25 microgram tablets. (In fact, the Eltroxin 25 microgram tablets have been sold as Goldshield, Mercury Pharma, Teva and at least one other make.)

Some people seem fine on these tablets. If we knew why the variation in response, we might get somewhere in predicting and handling the issues. As it is, it seems to be a case of trying it.

(I have switched away from both Actavis and Mercury Pharma because both seemed not quite right for me.)


I thought Amdipharm were saying that only the 100mcg Levo was causing problems, but I have been on 25mcg x 3 per day until last February along with my son and we have both suffered terrible side effects on these dosages also. Janet.

I am not aware that Amdipharm are admitting anything at all beyond the very small ingredient difference in the 50 microgram tablets. But that could be because I am not up to date on their responses.

Sorry Road, not explaining properly again. I mean't 'the very small' difference, not that they were admitting to a problem as such. However I think there are problems that they are not admitting.

Sorry Road, not explaining properly again. I mean't 'the very small' difference, not that they were admitting to a problem as such. However I think there are problems that they are not admitting.

Hi there...I have just been told by the pharmacy that Almus (are they the same as Actavis?) don't do 25mcg at all. Currently splitting my 100s....really don't want to mess with another brand. Perhaps I should just give it a try...scary after being so unwell.

Exactly what it says o the link I posted. :-)

Almus levothyroxine is Actavis packaged for Boots' Almus arm.

By the previous post should have said 'between a rock and a HARD place'....stupid predictive text


When I was on B&R I found I was fine with whatever I was given - usually whatever Boots got but the hospital pharmacy was Lloyds who dispensed something else. I also took Wockhardt and Mercury 25s - I can be quite sensitive to what I take - I get a branded BP tablet rather than the generic one that didn't agree with me., so you could easily get on well with whatever you take. I was always surprised that it didn't seem to make any difference hope you feel better soon..

Although it is not often mentioned, I believe that Lloyds too have Actavis packaged under their own livery - i.e. branded as Lloyds.

Thanks everyone for your comments ...I will bite the bullet and give them a try over the weekend, hopefully all will be well.

I refuse to take any MP ever again after feeling really ill when I was on alternate days75/100mcg. I am now on 100mcg almus/actavis and think I may need to reduce my dose a bit whilst the weather is warm. I shall be asking my GP for a scrip saying 2 packs of 50mcg and then cutting a tablet in half to get 75mcg if needed!

I was very ill when there was a big problem with TEVA 100mgm about 2 and half years ago. That's when my illness went downhill. Do hope you get sorted

After a unsatisfactory experience with MP Levo, i now take one and a half Almus/Actavus 50mcg tablets.

They are easy to break in half without a cutter.

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