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Taking Licorice root or adrenal cortex with NDT

My cortisol levels have improved since Jan, and are now 'in range' after previously being a bit all over the place, but I still don't believe they are at an optimal level and I'm constantly worrying that this will affect my success with NDT (started yesterday).

My cortisol levels are:

Sample 1) 12.4 (12 – 22)

Sample 2) 6.1 (5.0 – 9.0)

Sample 3) 4.4 (3.0 – 7.0)

Sample 4) 1.0 (1.0 – 3.0)

Daily cortisol 23.9 (21 – 41)

I've been taking Licorice root (900mg a day) for a few weeks - but now I've started the NDT, I'm not entirely sure when I should now take this? I was thinking - since cortisol is highest in the morning - that taking the Licorice in the morning would make sense - but I'm taking my first NDT dose at about 6 am. When should I take the licorice - the same time? And should this actually be split into two doses, rather than take all at once in the morning?

My other question was, would adrenal cortex (not glandular that contains adrenaline) be a better option for increasing cortisol?

I haven't had any problems (yet! Bearing in mind, this is only day two of taking the NDT, starting at 1/4 morning and afternoon) but I'd hate for their to be a spanner in the works now :D

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Does anybody have any advice? I'm convinced that my cortisol is still too low, and worried I'll run into problem with the NDT. :( I've ordered some adrenal cortex, and hoping this will raise my cortisol.


Licorice and ACE will raise the cortisol as will glandular but I would take it in the morning only. Licorice can also raise BP so be aware of that. Your last two values look okay to me. The other issue with NDT is that if you are low in iron it can be a problem. HC is another thing that is uses alot by adrenal/thyroid patients and you can also look at using things like adaptogenic herbs such as ashwagnahda, rhodiola etc.


Thanks Suzannai. I wonder if I should take the ACE twice, early morning and mid morning?


i would think to take it when your cortisol is lowest so am and noon.


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