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Getting depressed/ NDT time to try it?


I am being treated under guidance of Dr P for low thyroid. These were results July 31st this yr.

Results (range)

T3 400 (592-1850)

T4 83 (347-1994)


Sample 1 48.4 (12-22)

Sample 2 3.9 (5.0-9.0)

Sample 3 3.5 (3.0-7.0)

Sample 4 3.9 (1.0-3.0)

Anyway been on Nutri Adrenal Extra and Nurtrithyroid for 10weeks now and although improved physically (although no where near normal) I couldn't eat last night i was so fatigued) I am improving.

BUT......... I have developed new depression symptoms: crying alot /this is usually preceeded by lack of sleep (can't cope without sleeping tabs). My relationship with parents/friends and particualarly husband and son is at an all time low. Wouldn't blame him if he left me. Never ever suffered with depression.

Getting desperate again.

Dr P said I could start taking 1.5grains NDt if I wanted. He thought I should give it a bit longer on the NAX and NT but said I could try it. shall I just get on with it??

Oh and my eyebrows itchy and getting thinner by the day!!

What would you do?

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please watch this and ask if you can have your b12 checked and homocysteine


amazon.co.uk/Could-be-B12-E... this is a great book also



Thanks for that. I had it checked several months ago. It was on lower end of scale so have been supplementing ever since.


Dr. P. probably feels you need to work up to utilizing your NDT more efficiently by taking the adrenal support but if you are feeling badly, I don't think it would harm you to start on it now. The T3 in the NDT will help.


Thanks for your advise Heloise - just decided to take bull by horns and order it and site not working that Dr P gave me!


cat, not many posters state their adrenal results but your morning cortisol seems really, really high. I bookmarked three articles that I like and wonder if they talk about this and if you can somehow lower it.http://www.drrind.com/therapies/Adrenal-Support-Recommendation-Sheet




Thanks Heloise,

I presume thats whats causing lack of sleep? I don't really understand alot of this despite months of reading on my back!!

I will read the links ( I have ordered my NDT anyway, can't wait!)



Hi cat, Seems when your cortisol is so high in the morning, it could interfere with sleep. Have you ever thought about 5htp which helps with mood as well as sleep and been used for years?

I looked back at your results from June and it's hard to think you don't feel well but sometimes you have to be at top of ranges. I did notice your high serum iron. I don't know how bad this is but there is this:

"Men are generally higher than women without having the above problems. If ferritin is high along with a high % Sat and Serum iron, you may have hemachromatosis or a MTHFR defect. You should be off all iron for at least 12 hours before testing to see what your body is hanging onto, and 5 days to see your true iron levels."

The condition improves by removing blood.

Also your vitamin D is high and maybe you should no longer supplement. I often felt badly on the days I would take a high dose of D3 for some reason but my levels are not nearly as high as yours.

I'm a little surprised that Dr. P wants to "start" you on 1 1/2 grain of ndt. I know you've been on the nutri so maybe that's why but I could never tolerate that much.

If you also feel hyper on that dose, it might prove that your adrenals need more support.

I know it's hard to figure this all out. I guess that's why doctors can't either!!!!


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