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Adrenal test or rT3 - which one first?

Hi, folks,

Could anyone advise please, which test should I go for 1st? (Finances mean I have to space them.) I am currently moving towards the CT3M and also looking into going totally T3, so before I do the CT3M protocol I need the adrenal test to see when the levels of cortisol start to peak in the morning, and I need to see if I have rT3 before undertaking going from NDT (which took me ages to sort out) to totally T3. I'm not sure which way round I should do this, although I suspect that the cortisol test is the one since this will inform when I take NDT, but I'm getting in a muddle even as I type!

Thanks, girls and boys. x

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Sorry no one has replied. Can I suggest sending a private message to Paul Robinson, he may be able to advise.

I also suspect the adrenal test would be the one - but don't quote me - NO medical training or experience! ;(




thanks, Louise - appreciate it. xx


P.S. How do i find him?


:D xxx


This has a lot of links you might use.j

There are also some tests that must be taken in conjunction with other tests or they are not as useful.


Got it - thank you. :D xx


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