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What is the best and quickest thing to take to bring adrenals back up to normal?

Im Hypo (Hashis) on 150mcg Levo 20 Mcg Liothyronine and convinced my adrenals are shot to bits. Awaiting a Synacthen test booked in for July (NHS) due to low cortisol blood test , but from reading on here I just know it will come back fine ? any suggestions as im still suffering quite bad even a month after T3?

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I'd be interested in knowing more too. My doc has been treating it (dhea, adrenal support, good thyroid hormone replacement etc) but no dice. I also tried the circadian method and no improvement in symptoms. I can only have the adrenal bloods occasionally (no improvement there) but symptoms tell me I'm no better.

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I did a saliva test with Genova, looked at where my levels were low and then took cortisone. 90 mins before a drop was due, so, where I saw my 1 pm level was low,I took the cortisone at. 11.30 am, and so on. I took cortisone for two years, gradually tapering off as I felt I needed to. It worked, results were fast and I would do it all again if I needed to. However, since getting on to the correct meds ( for me) My adrenals no longer have to compensate, so all my levels are fine.


Hi were you prescribed the cortisone?


How do you get cortisone?


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