Whats the best firm for Adrenal Testing (one that gives guidance on test results?)

I am going to bite the bullet and pay for this test this month. I was undiagnosed with Hypo for a long time before being treated with T4 and from my understanding this can mean the Adrenals become overstressed. I want to start T3 but feel I should get them checked first.

So any recommendations for a good Lab?

Thanks guys T xxxx

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  • I used Genova Diagnostics for my 24 hour saliva tests which I did last month. THe results are pretty easy to read and understand.

    Good luck


  • Thanks Liz, did you try the torch test before you shelled out the money? May I ask, did it pick up a problem for you? x

  • thanks xxx

  • And I agree with Lizanne x

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