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Anyone know of a good before and after thyroid treatment comparison template?


I will be seeing my GP in ten days and if I continue at the level of improvement I am experiencing now, I want to furnish him with a comparison list to add to my records. I cannot believe how ill slight hypothyroidism can make some people. I was ignorant about lab test issues until last year but caught up quickly reading Lowe et all. I do realise folks with similar readings very hugely in symptoms and perpetuating co morbidities. I fall into the insane fibromyalgia/cfs diagnoses category in which GP's are still not picking up on an underlying thyroid issues. I am having a lot of success with NDT but I'll talk about this journey a bit further down the road when I am more sure that low metabolism really is behind my illness.....I am still in suspended disbelief of problems even slight hypothyroidism can cause some folks, and assume I was suffering type 2 that was left percolating for years until it turned into primary. Even at the worst of my symptoms lab tests were not picking up on metabolic issues (the same old story) I count myself very fortunate that, so far, adrenal or iron issues do not seem to be raising their ugly head along with the raise of thyroid hormone. I was suffering adrenal issues, I am sure, but the raise in metabolism seems to have helped that (It doesn't work that way round for everyone BTW) I went up to two and a half grains before any changes happened now I am slowly reducing and trying not to get addicted to this lovely slightly hyper sate! It's been two years since my limbs had energy and I had over a year of total crashing issues...i.e. my legs would literally lock up; plus my weird heart beats have quietened down...I don't know if that is my heart is getting used the T3 or actually coming out of slow metabolism. I had the whole gambit of symptoms and, not least of all, that whole undignified and demoralizing journey of being thought of as mad by all my family and work community, and medics. Anyway, I digress....just wondered if anyone had a quick link to a good symptom before and after treatment chart I can use? If not, I'll draft one up out of several models for symptoms. I'm starting on a mission to raise awareness..or at least join with those that do.

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You sound like a person on a mission - evidence if evidence were needed of feeling better :-)

ThyroidUK has a list of symptoms as does STTM, plus Dr Peatfield's book, if you have it.

helbell in reply to Hidden

I have his book somewhere...ll check it out plus here, and Thyroid madness too. I was fishing for a quick lazy link to a download ;)

HarryE in reply to helbell

The symptom list on TUK can be downloaded as a PDF.

helbell in reply to Hidden

Thank you :)

Hi Helbell, I look forward to hearing more from you in the future with more good news and information. Janet.


I've not seen a template but I've been thinking about doing a spreadsheet recording weight, pulse, bp, temperature TFT, dose and symptoms/wellbeing but procrastination is a life long condition for me, not something I can blame on thyroid :)

helbell in reply to Clutter

LOL...that's why I was hoping someone would do it for me . Yes, I need to create something like that so patterns can be seen at a glance, which would be better for a more reliable review...meanwhile I'm hoping to say I have gone from this to this was thyroid all along!!?!

I recorded my TSH levels over seven years on a graph. It clearly illustrated the roller coast ride I had been on against the different dosages of levo (between 75 mcg-125mcg) which culminated in a diagnosis of very raised TPO antibodies. I showed it to my GP who was prompted then to contact the Endo. Not that the endo did anything, I just discovered the wonders of gluten and dairy free diet to reduce my TPO and am now wondering if I might need a slight reduction in levo!

Crimple can they test for raised TPO antibodies?

I have to go back and look...brain forget fog

Clutter in reply to helbell

Yes, it's the Thyroid Peroxidase (TPOab) antibody blood test for Hashimoto's and Thyroid Receptor (TRab) for Graves.

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