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Desperate for some help!

Hi everyone,

I'll try to cut a long story short. I have been suffering worsening symptoms associated with hypothyroidism for about a year now. I had TSH tested In January and as it came back in normal range, T4, T3 and antibodies were not tested.

I have just got back from another GP appointment which has shaken me up quite a bit. I was first told I was probably putting on weight because I was eating badly, then was told I was depressed and offered medication and when I asked to have a full range of thyroid tests done was basically shouted at for questionning how this GP 'had managed hypothyroidism for her whole career'.

I'm feeling thouroughly defeated as I can't seem to get a doctor to listen to what I'm actually feeling and not just say there's nothing wrong or I'm depressed. No one has recorded weight or temperature and no one is actually allowing me to discuss my symptoms. My temperature is 35.7 and this is just being ignored.

Has anyone else had similar experiences and if so what did you do next?! I have a family history of thyroid disease on both sides of my family and am feeling increasingly worse. I know it may not be hypothyroidism and I'm happy to be tested for other things but I just want some help!

Is there a list of GPs that anyone can recommend seeing in the UK, ideally in the Midlands or South Yorkshire?

Thanks everyone in advance!

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Eek, what an awful experience. Your doctor was being extremely unprofessional and I think my first step might be to make a complaint. I don't think you were questioning his/her skill (although given what happened, I'm not sure I'd be minded to rate him/her highly!), you were simply asking for help to solve the mystery.

Did you get your actual results? If you didn't, it is your right to have them. You can ask for a printout of what was tested - you may be charged a small printing fee - and you can then post the results here for a look-see. We'll be able to tell you whether it's likely there is a thyroid problem or not, so you can rule that in or out for sure - we're not doctors here but are very good at reading thyroid function test results. :)

Second, there are private tests where you can take your own blood (you fill a tiny vial from a fingerprick), send it to a lab and get the necessary tests done.

I'll find a link for you in just a mo.

Edited - here you go: thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin...

I use homebloodtests.co.uk (Blue Horizon).


Hi, thanks for your reply! I didn't ever get to see the results as I just had to call a results line where they said everything was 'normal'. I managed to get the GP to humour me and request another set of tests, although she said it's unlikely the lab will test for T3 or T4 if the TSH is in normal range and that I can't do anything about that.

I am due to have the tests done on Monday and I can ask for the results so I can post them on here. Thanks for your help!

Just seen the link, thank you so much! Feel like I'm getting no where with my GPs so may try that if they don't tests T3 and T4 again.


If at all possible try to get the blood test done first thing in the morning before you have your breakfast. TSH levels vary through the day and are higher first thing than later in the day. The levels also decrease after eating.

I'm so thankful that I found out this information from this forum, as it finally allowed me to get a TSH result high enough to get my GP to take notice!

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One early lesson if we think (or are diagnosed) we're hypothyroid is never take the word, normal, fine or o.k. with regards to the results for thyroid hormones.

We are entitled by LAW to have copies of our blood tests. Go to the surgery and ask for a print-out. The receptionist might have to ask for permission but most just charge a nominal sum, mine charge 30p but nothing if its for a consultant.

Make sure the ranges are on it. It is a sore point with many of us if the doctor only takes notice of the TSH (from the pituitary gland) and not other thyroid hormones.

When you get a blood test have the earliest possible and fast. If you are on thyroid hormones leave about 24 hours between the last dose and the blood test and take it afterwards.

Thyroiduk.org.uk's interpretation of blood tests differ from the NHS.

We have to read learn and ask questions. Doctors make us believe they have no knowledge whatsoever of hypothyroid clinical symptoms. There are about 300+ but you'd expect the most common to be known. Depression - no blood tests for that but they will prescribe anti-d's due to your clinical symptoms. It just doesn't make sense. Unexplained weight gain - clinical symptom. You're told to diet. Fatigue, and so on and so on. A trial of thyroid hormones doesn't harm anyone.

If you didn't have your blood test as early as possible, if you can wait a few months before getting another, or you can get a private blood test if you can afford it. We have a list of recommended labs and you get a small discount as does Thyroiduk.org.


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Oh yes. I've had shocking experiences with GPs (I'd hazzard a guess that you're in good company on this forum...!).

I've realised that it's them, not me. They are a rare breed of eejits. Please try not to get upset, it makes your symptoms worse and I wouldn't give that GP the satisfaction. - I know it's easier said then done (I still want to let the air out of my GP's tyres that was totally evil towards me. Six years ago...).

So, on the plus side, you know now to avoid that GP as she's a chump and she hasn't managed *your* thyroid otherwise you wouldn't be overweight and symptomatic. You're living proof that she isn't a good doctor.

So as Jazzw said, get your results or get some private bloods done and start from there.


I know how you feel I am in the USA and run in to this also I been with my Dr for over 6 years and no matter what I say or do he just records my the lvls and how many MG I am on. Well last week I pissed him off so now he took my blood won't give me my meds till blood work comes back yet for 6 years it's been at 200 MG... but here I have options more Dr's and him I dealing with his Lil fit by telling ppl on Facebook so they kn I will he is a bad dr who don't listen so be warned ;)


PushingLimits, what part of USA are you in? You need a new doctor!


I am in Michigan, Yeah I have other Dr's I am lookin at but to be honest Dr's play the first impression to really get to know a Dr push there limits see how much they will tell you ... he was a good dr at first but for some reason he has moved location 2 times now and when he moved to this location his office ppl are not changing paper work in the computer and 3 times now they have over charged me and I had to fight with them and get my proof, on top of that I set in the waiting room over an hour and then get placed in the exam room I set for over 30 mins but 1 time I was running late I was stuck in traffic called office they made me cancel I was only 10 mins away ... idk to me seems that me boosting him telling him what a great dr he has been over 6 years gone to his head and he thinks he to good now ... what ever not my problem no more but his problems are dead js I am not someone you want to piss off ... I cover my azz at all times.



I've posted the results from my blood tests in a new post (the link above) but thought I should post the link here. Thanks for your help! x


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