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thyroid and prolactin issue

hope this is ok to post-newbie!

help!this will be a bit long when I found that I had hypothyroidism I had also been tested for numerous other things including prolactin-my lovely doctor was great and explained it all to me and how my high level prolactin would come down once my thyroid medication was sorted out.

after my second blood test (at this point i was on 50mcg of levo) i had to go to see another doctor (as mine was away ) and she was concerned by my raised prolactin so when i went for my next blood test for my thyroid,they also checked my prolactin.

when i went to my lovely doctor she said don't worry about the prolactin its fine and its coming down-i eventually got to the right levels and even though i still didn't feel great,i felt better and lets face it -that's the way it is with this disease!

so after 5 months i went for my medication review and had to go to see a different doctor as my lovely doctor was on holiday.

basically(if my thyroid brain can remember) he said my tsh is high but my levels are in the normal range?so even though i am in the normal range he was going to put my levothyroxine up (even though he said i would probably end up with ghastly symptoms as i would be taking more than necessary-i think he said my levels were at 15)

i think he said that my body needs to do something for the thyroxine to work and its not really -so he gave me more!

but he was more concerned about my prolactin levels,at my first blood tests they were in the 1000s when they should be 500,they have come down since i started taking thyroxine but obviously that test was at 50mcgs not the 100 mcgs i am on now.

my lovely doctor said thyroid and prolactin problems go hand in hand and to not worry about it -now i have another doctor wanting me to go tests at the hospital-im fed up of the tests and doctors appointments and the conflicting stories.

does anyone else have hypo and prolactin issues?im starting to think i should be on different meds.

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Hi Thyroidsucks and welcome to the forum.

Have your GPs tested FT4 and FT3 in addition to TSH? TSH is not a reliable thyroid test when pituitary dysfunction is/maybe involved. You mention that you think your TSH was 15 but your GP said it was within normal range. That's not true. Top of the range is 10 so you are considerably above range. You were severely undermedicated on 50mcg for 5 months. Levothyroxine should be increased by 25mcg every six weeks after a blood test until TSH is just above or just below 1 and hypothyroid symptoms have resolved.

Get a printout of your thyroid blood results with lab ref ranges from your GP receptionist and post them in a new question for advice and comment. It would be useful to know how much medication you are taking too.

Elevated prolactin can be caused by pituitary hormone secreting tumours (usually benign) and that may be what the upcoming hospital tests are for.


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