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Latest Blood results show true TSH of 23.43(+) miu/l. Any insights please, as five weeks previously it was 0.07(-)

Having complained to my specialist Dr.L.C after my first visit that I was feeling so, so poorly, I was 'feeling toxic'; he took my blood tests there and then, while I was on my Armour Thyroid and I decided I wanted to take myself off the Armour medication, as well as the contraceptive pill. We agreed that should I feel bad enough then I would resume the Armour.

Originally placed on Levo with serious rejection issues, I elected to go down the route of taking NDT.

Initially my response seemed positive. I improved, and even lost weight...but again I started to find I was not feeling well.

My symptoms started to return, my dose was altered, up and down but without results. I started to gain weight yet again exponentially. But before coming to a conclusion, poor Dr Skinner sadly died.

It has taken me a long while to find somebody new to treat me.

My new specialist seems to be on the right track.

I have had numerous blood tests of late.

The latest blood tests while being off everything has been interesting as it demonstrates the true state of things.

Rising from 0.07 to over 23 in 5 weeks has caught the attention of my GP at the very least.

I also scored 11 for my iron, so I am now on Ferrous Fumerate.

I also take 4,000iu's per day of Vit D3.

I am also Hashimoto's and am gluten/wheat intolerant...with lately suspected lactose intolerance too...

I also have adrenal fatigue issues.

Now I have just read the following from Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield

"What usually happens is that the thyroid replacement might either not work at all or the patient may quite soon suffer from replacement of symptoms of thyroid over-dosage due to conversion or uptake failure. Hence when low adrenal reserve is suspected, it is possibly dangerous and certainly ill advise, to treat the patient without supplementation of the adrenal weakness first."

AFTER my blood tests, whilst being off all medication, for feeling so poorly, I then resumed a half grain of Armour as we had agreed.

However, it was like being hit by a brick wall.

I could not sleep. My headaches were really, really bad. I felt hyper and generally felt worse, more than awful - it also clashed with a very unpleasant, stressful weekend with my partner who is not remotely sympathetic and who chooses not to understand anything medical, hardly helps!

So after two days, I have now taken myself off yet again.

Next week I am seeing my specialist again for the third time, awaiting the second results of yet another round of urine test to see how we have to proceed with regard to the adrenal fatigue.

Durrant-Peatfield says " Adrenal hormones are required for proper T4 to T3 conversion and tissue uptake. If their blood levels are becoming low due to adrenal exhaustion, you may become subject to a mix of symptoms with weight loss, diarrhoea, and anxiety, suggesting over activity of the thyroid when in fact your thyroid status may be actually under-active, due to the thyroid hormones not being processed. In this situation it is essential to provide adrenal support before treating the under-active thyroid.

I am wondering how will my adrenal fatigue be addressed?

I have read that the use of natural adrenal glandular extracts are easily obtainable without prescription.

The other approach is the use of hydro-cortisone (10mg tablets). Half a tablet, 3 or 4 times a day is usual, later to be increased if required.

I prefer if possible to go down the route of a natural supplement if at all possible and would appreciate anybody else's views or experience on this topic. Although I am currently under the direction of my specialist, for whom I am alas having to pay for privately, I would not want to be prescribed something privately if I could obtain for myself.

Many thanks.

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Nutri Adrenal and Nutri Adrenal Extra are recommended for poor adrenal function but I have heard people say they find NAX a bit powerful and need a half dose. Check out for sources but be aware that the Nutri Centre are having some delivery issues.

When you are able to resume NDT you may need to take it very slowly at a quarter grain for 6 weeks to avoid a crash.


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